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    1. Publisher: prnewswire.co.uk
      Through 2020, the combined security capabilities of mobile platforms and EMM solutions will meet 80% of enterprise mobile security requirements.
      - In MobileIron Access Adds First Secure Single Sign-On for Native Mobile Apps
    2. Publisher: ComputerWeekly.com
      The internet of things is disruptive in most industries and we are trying to provide enabling services to help these industries transform.
      - In Telenor IoT strategy required core software change
    3. Publisher: ComputerWeekly.com
      These customers are used to selling products, but now want to sell a service.
      - In Telenor IoT strategy required core software change
    4. Publisher: ComputerWeekly.com
      In the telco space, we are seen as being very good at taking small amounts of money from many people and developing consumer relationships.
      - In Telenor IoT strategy required core software change
    5. Publisher: Datamation
      These survey results reflect that cloud computing is continuing to move technology beyond IT, giving lines of business easy-to-use, flexible IT services to drive innovation within their domains.
      - In Decentralized IT Management Becoming the New Normal
    6. Publisher: Data Center
      In a few years' time, you might be able to walk around in the data center and an app might help you navigate, ensuring that you're making the right changes on the right systems at the right time.
      - In Remote data center management in the palm of IT's hand - Undock your data center management strategy with mobile apps
    7. Publisher: Recurring Revenue
      Matrix is an ambitious open standard and implementation that's set up to break down the fragmentation problems that exist in IP messaging and VoIP communication.
      - In Election 2016: Time to Get Back to Work | @ThingsExpo #IoT #DigitalTransformation
    8. Publisher: CIO.com
      The applications have never been in the domain of the network guys.
      - In Cloud-based network analysis drills down to users and apps
    9. Publisher: Marketwired
      Most organizations have deployed or will soon deploy several apps in the cloud for which security controls are lacking.
      - In Bitglass Listed in Gartner 2016 Market Guide for Cloud Access Security Brokers
    10. Publisher: Stock Market Quotes and Financial News
      Riverbed SteelHead was giving them an effective bandwidth increase of up to 4X.
      - In Riverbed Provides Technology Foundation for Kentucky’s Statewide IT Modernization Effort
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