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    2. Aternity® Positioned in The Visionary Quadrant of The Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

      Aternity Inc., announced today it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Visionary Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring.* Twenty-nine vendors were evaluated in the report, including Aternity’s latest product release, the Aternity Frontline Performance Intelligence Platform (FPI) v5.0.
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    3. Aternity Frontline Performance Intelligence Platform v5.0

      ...rprises’ support resources. “Cloud-based applications require a new approach to performance monitoring,” said Will Cappelli, Gartner Research VP in the Enterprise Management area. “The real challenge is to understand the...
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    1. IT systems have become increasingly complex, modular, distributed and dynamic.
      In IT Challenged by Lack of Operational Visibility
    2. As large organizations seek to ascend Gartner's IT maturity model, they are leveraging powerful IT Operations Analytics powered by Behavior Learning Engines (BLEs) in their pursuit of proactive application performance management.
      In Netuitive Announces Availability of Netuitive 6.0 -- Industry's First "Open" Analytics Platform for APM
    3. The impact of mobile device-based access on the end user's experience of service performance has become a fundamental concern for application support teams.
      In Aternity® Unplugs End User Experience Management By Going Mobile
    4. Using technologies supporting the first dimension, one can quickly determine the space/time coordinates of an application performance problem's source. Using the second dimension, one can look deeply into that source and diagnose the problem that is actually occurring.
      In Java/.NET APM Provider AppDynamics Adds End-User Monitoring
    5. The factors most responsible for the increased attention now being paid to the APM process and the tools and services supporting it do not come from IT, but from the business side of the enterprise, which has, during the past decade, fundamentally changed its attitude toward IT in general.
      In Load Balancer: Nastel Receives Accolade from Gartner
    6. Cloud-based applications require a new approach to performance monitoring.
      In Aternity® Announces Version 5.0 of Its Frontline Performance Intelligence Platform
    7. In order to meet business demands, IT organizations must become service oriented in their approach to delivering functionality.
      In NetScout Simplifies Assuring the User Experience