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  2. About Quest Software

    The computer-software manufacturer Quest Software (Quest Software, Inc.) (QSFT), headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, dates from 1987. Quest develops, sells, and supports database management, Windows management, and application management software products worldwide. Its products enable users to develop, deploy, and manage packaged and custom software applications, as well as associated software infrastructure components, such as databases, application servers, and operating systems. The company also provides consulting, training, and support services. Quest sells its products and services through its direct sales organization.

    Quest's application management products focus in the ERP, J2EE and Microsoft .Net market spaces. Database management tools include support for MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, and Oracle. In the field of computer systems management, the Big Brother product
    monitors and reports on activities across multiple nodes. In the Windows infrastructure management arena, products cater to Active Directory, Exchange, Windows, and directory service migration users.

  3. Quotes about Quest Software

    1. We are delighted to be working alongside Quest Software to enable students and staff to access their desktops from anywhere as well as deliver benefits such as simplified management, time savings and improved security.
      In University of York Drives Virtual Learning with Quest vWorkspace
    2. The private cloud is increasingly becoming a key component of enterprise data-centre management strategy. Virtualisation is a key building block to the cloud, but to cope with scale and complexity, virtualisation requires automation and self-service capabilities provided by a solution such as the Cloud Automation Platform. With this new release, Quest Software is enabling enterprise organisations to successfully deploy private clouds that efficiently manage infrastructure and drive overall business agility.
      Mary Johnston Turner in Quest enables fast deployment and streamlined management of secure private clouds