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    2. RapidScale Leverages Nimsoft to Deliver Value-Added Monitoring of Cloud Infrastructure

      ...ing the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution NMS to deliver 24/7, end-to-end monitoring across its entire client base. NMS helps enable RapidScale to ensure optimal availability and performance of hosted services and applications...
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    3. GreenQloud Partners With Nimsoft to Provide Unified Monitoring for Carbon-Neutral Infrastructure-as-a-Service Offering

      ...s." NMS integrates seamlessly with the Truly Green cloud and supports GreenQloud's pay-per-use pricing model. NMS also enables GreenQloud to offer clients a flexible set of monitoring options ranging from a baseline pack...
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  2. Quotes about NMS

    1. NMS gives us tremendous flexibility and scalability while reducing the time and effort it takes to set up new customers.
      In BlueLock Deploys Nimsoft Monitoring Solution to Scale Deployment and ...
    2. NMS reduces BlueLock's management costs even as it allows them to offer greater value to their clients.
      Gary Read in BlueLock Deploys Nimsoft Monitoring Solution to Scale Deployment and ...
    3. NMS uniquely addresses the monitoring requirements of service providers and their clients.
      In QTS Unifies and Improves Monitoring Services of Hosted IT Infrastructure with Nimsoft Monitoring Solution