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  2. Quotes about Nimsoft

    1. With NMS, we can deliver maximum uptime to our customers*"while controlling our overall infrastructure management costs." NMS allows QTS to save significant time and money through automation. When an event comes in, NMS automatically opens a ticket and captures all the metrics needed to take care of the issue. "We will be able to reduce the time it takes us to clear an incident from the ticketing system by up to 60%, said Gary Read, senior vice president and general manager of the Nimsoft business unit at CA Technologies.
      In CA Inc: QTS Unifies and Improves Monitoring Services of Hosted It ...
    2. Customers have recognized the tremendous value Nimsoft provides by delivering a single view of both the internal data center and external cloud-based services.
      Gary Read in Nimsoft Expands Unified Monitoring Coverage, Enhances Management Interface
    3. As demand for QTS cloud services continued to grow, we recognized that pre-virtualization tools were not suitable for managing heterogeneous environments. After evaluating alternatives, we selected Nimsoft Unified Monitoring, which allows us to provide transparency to our clients for their infrastructure and applications.
      In Nimsoft Expands Unified Monitoring Coverage, Enhances Management Interface