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    1. We developed UE-V because we recognize that most of our users have more than one device that they work from.
      In Microsoft Rolls Out 'User Experience' and App-V 5.0 Virtualization Betas
    2. Customers will be able to extend their investments with FEP to Windows Thin PC, unifying their anti-malware strategy across PCs and Windows Thin PCs.
      In Microsoft Ships Windows Thin PC
    3. Customers like the reduced footprint of WinTPC—the machines they will likely use it on often have less disk space than brand new machines and WinTPC helps to ensure they will have adequate space.
      In Microsoft Issues Windows Thin PC Release Candidate
    4. Microsoft's App-V technology allows enterprise applications to be deployed in real time, to any Windows client and is becoming a "must-have" for organizations, We're thrilled that Attachmate, a long-time and well-respected partner, is joining us in making Microsoft App-V the standard in application virtualization by becoming the first vendor to offer native support for our solution.
      In Attachmate Reflection 2011 to Offer Native Support for Microsoft App-V