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    2. New Research Shows Hospitals Progressing With Electronic Medical Records and ‘Meaningful Use,’ But CIOs Indicate Major ...

      ... progress, value of interoperability, and benefits and challenges associated with technology use. The survey (Health Information Technology: Hospital CIOs) was conducted online by Harris Interactive between December 2011...
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    3. Fed Advisors: Too Soon to Add EHR Metadata to Meaningful Use

      Fed Advisors: Too Soon to Add EHR Metadata to Meaningful UseHealth Data ManagementAdoption of EHR metadata standards, which the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology has advocated, could help improve data exchange and would enable patients to segregate parts of their medical records, such as self-paid treatment ...
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  2. Quotes about Health Information Technology

    1. There is no question that we need to accelerate health information technology adoption in Canada.
      Jeff Turnbull in New Health Information Technology Strategy: Put Money Where the Patient is
    2. This survey draws attention to a critical, but sometimes overlooked, facet of health information technology – patients and their families need to be at the center of efforts to modernize health care's information infrastructure.
      Farzad Mostashari in With Government Providing Incentives for Widespread Adoption of Health Information Technology, Survey Finds that ...
    3. Over the last two years, we've created unprecedented momentum in health information technology.
      Kathleen Sebelius in Heavy Hitters Hit HIMSS Stages To Stump for Health IT