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    2. App Outages Pose Costly Challenges for CIOs

      App Outages Pose Costly Challenges for CIOs
      The majority of CIOs are failing to meet their organizations needs when it comes to providing instant, uninterrupted access to business apps, according to a recent survey from Veeam Software. And the inability to provide these IT services is costing organizations money: Unplanned application downtime occurs more than once a month for organizations, and such failures result in lost revenue, productivity, opportunities and missing data, according to the surveys findings.
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    3. Nine Top Enterprise Network Trends

      Nine Top Enterprise Network Trends
      If you take a step back to think about it, isn't it mind-boggling the wealth of organizational functions for which the IT network plays a critical, if notthecritical, role? In fact, the network has emerged as such as given, that stakeholders and usersthe marketing teams launching product campaigns, the HR managers assessing hundreds of job candidates, the accounting department employees scrutinizing travel expense forms, and so onprobably take optimal ...
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