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    1. Everybody is trying to save a buck on IT management, I imagine Yahoo did some research with employees before making the announcement and discovered that the number of workers preferring a BlackBerry over an iPhone or Android was fairly miniscule.
      In Yahoo Fires RIM Shot to Workers: No More BlackBerries for You
    2. When you're buying into Exalogic, you're buying not just a hardware platform, but you're buying an entire Oracle software stack and virtualization stack as well.
      In EMC to Tackle Private-cloud Complexity With All-in-one VSPEX Platform
    3. ProLiant Gen8 stands as the first full expression of the discrete system automation features driven by the company's Project Voyager effort and its ProActive Insight architecture.
      In HP Unveils Generation 8 ProLiant Servers
    4. While HP's efforts are laudable and likely to be welcomed by company customers, they simply reflect broader, long term industry trends.
      In HP Unveils Generation 8 ProLiant Servers
    5. The ultrabook is really about creating a new baseline for mobile computing for consumers and businesses alike, Since ultrabooks are mostly Windows-based machines, they should actually be easier for enterprises to incorporate into existing IT management and security schemas than Apple products.
      In Ultrabooks, expected to be hot at CES, could be boon for enterprise IT
    6. The hosting service market is a relatively spread out marketplace. Not only does it include IT vendors like IBM, Dell and HP, but it also includes traditional service providers and specialists.
      In Dell opens cloud computing data center in China
    7. The centers include IT environments that potential customers and developers can use to run test workloads. It's a kind of try-before-you-buy, equivalent of taking a car for a test drive.
      In Dell opens cloud computing data center in China
    8. Given the singular role that Shanghai plays in the IT industry, it's a good fit and continuation of what Dell has done for years in the country.
      In Dell opens cloud computing data center in China
    9. IT outages have real, quantifiable impacts on businesses of every size, This is particularly true for those businesses in the retail sector, which need to leverage IT across numerous core-business processes. As IT becomes increasingly complex, we expect IT outages to continue impacting organizations' ability to do business effectively and their bottom-line results.
      In IT Downtime is Hurting Bottom-Line Results for Companies - It Management
    10. If and when this vision of the cloud that everyone is talking about comes true, corporate clients working with VMware will be in a very good position to take advantage of these changes
      In VMware's Private Cloud Computing Vision