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    1. Health reform forcing emphasis on software

      A new report on mHealth adoption faults electronic health record providers for not making their products mobile-ready. But it also foresees a promising future for mHealth as those vendors work to enable clinicians to access EHRs on their smartphones, tablets and other devices.

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    2. Full throttle on EMR use in garrison

      A new policy was just issued by U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) about battalion aid station (BAS) health care documentation in garrison. From now on, all BASs in garrison are required to electronically document health care performed in garrison, during field training exercises and CTC rotations. This is significant because the EMR system ensures every Soldier has a lifelong medical record. The Office of the Surgeon General conducted a survey of the wartime mission, capabilities, organizationa

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    3. Government virtualizing servers, largely missing desktop opp

      En route to the federal government’s ambitious data center consolidation plans, the move toward virtualizing servers is expected to double by 2015. And while government IT professionals are also eyeing desktop virtualization, servers are the top priority. Agencies anticipate ratcheting up from 37 percent of workloads being virtualized to 63 percent, which, if it happens as planned, holds potential to grow government savings as much as $23.6 billion, according to a report published Monday by Meri

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    4. Can you offset ICD-10 costs with competing HIT projects?

      Can you offset ICD-10 costs with competing HIT projects?Government Health IT"Meaningful use incentive programs will assist in offsetting the costs associated with compliance,” IT management consultancy Perficient stated in a white paper published this month, Implementing ICD-10: Hard work brings rewards. ...
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    5. Top 3 takeaways from National Health IT week

      Top 3 takeaways from National Health IT weekGovernment Health IT (blog)So, it's crucial that the health IT community maintain an active dialogue with the Super Committee members about the integrity and importance of HITECH funding. 3. Minority Health: Numerous workgroups held Congressional briefings on the state of their ...and more »
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    6. Q&A: Between the lines of Nejm Ehr report - 'Trust trumps technology' for Ehr ...

      Q&A: Between the lines of NEJM EHR report - 'Trust trumps technology' for EHR ...Government Health ITJain: It's not absolutely critical but sharing of electronic data is to the patient's advantage and with increasing adoption of EHRs may be less burdensome to the provider as well. Sharing of just paper-based records may not automatically support the ...and more »
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    7. 'Physician champions' help other docs with EHR adoption

      'Physician champions' help other docs with EHR adoptionGovernment Health ITThe Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, through its regional extension centers, has started recruiting “physician champions” who are well on their way to becoming meaningful users of electronic health records (EHRs) to ...and more »
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