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    1. Cloud computing tools: Improving security through visibility and automation

      Many enterprises are reluctant to move critical cloud applications out of their own data centers and into the public cloud due to security concerns. Yet the same automated, consistent provisioning that is essential to managing either public or private clouds (as well as to the process of thinking through a cloud deployment) can also offer the fringe benefit of improving security.

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    2. Potential bidding war emerges for Quest Software

      A number of buyers have submitted bids for the company A number of parties have submitted bids to acquire Quest Software, which announced in March that it was going private via a US$2 billion stock buyback in partnership with equity firm Insight Venture Partners. Quest, which is known for its array of IT management and infrastructure software, made the disclosure about the bids on Wednesday. It did not name the suitors. The announcement was not unexpected, as Quest had said in March that it woul

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    3. Are you ready for networking in the cloud?

      The two primary forms of public cloud computing, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), are both growing dramatically in popularity. Over the last few years, the primary focus of the IaaS providers has been on offering the basic compute and storage resources required to run applications.
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    4. The Year of the Virtual Desktop Fails to Materialize--Again

      In mid-2010, as the number of Windows 7 betas spread and the clock ticked down to October, when the long-awaited replacement for XP would officially ship, computer vendors and analysts painted expected that a major new operating system would revive spending on x86-based PCs and servers, which had taken a hit since the recession began in 2008.
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    5. Joyent takes aim at Amazon with public cloud upgrade

      Joyent takes aim at Amazon with public cloud upgradePC AdvisorBut fast forward two years, if a CIO didn't have a virtualization strategy on his roadmap, his job was at risk, according to Tuck. "So you very quickly saw a pivot from it being an interesting thing that brought some benefits, but a lot of risk, ...and more »
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