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    1. The (Sad) Case for BYOD Management

      Just a few short years ago, we were still discussing whether or not organizations should allow employees to rely on mobile devices for work and whether that would come via personally owned devices or a fleet of pre-approved devices owned and managed by the organization. Fast forward to 2016, and that conversation is nearly null and void--people use their own devices for work whether the organization ultimately "prefers" it or not.

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    2. Amazon Kindle FreeTime: An IT Management Tool?

      Apple iPad has encouraged a cozier relationship between the consumer electronics giant and business users, paving the way for companies to authorize the use of tablet computers and even issue iPads to employees. And Apple, in recent years, has come to embrace this new market with tools such as the Apple Configurator. But plenty of other tablet vendors are eyeing the lucrative business market, too. Can Amazon’s new generation of Kindle Fire HD tablets make inroads into the market...

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    3. Quest Software and PacketTrap: Who Is the Bidder?

      Quest Software and PacketTrap: Who Is the Bidder?

      Posted June 14th, 2012 by Joe Panettieri Quest Software and its PacketTrap managed services software business are back in the merger and acquisition news. Apparently, somebody has bid to buy Quest Software — and the bid is higher than a previous offer from Insight Venture Partners. Quest Software’s buyer could wind up competing against big virtualization companies (VMware, Microsoft and Citrix Software), IT management providers (CA Technolog

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    4. Virtual Desktop Gets Boost from Mobile Devices, Healthcare

      Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) over the years has been frequently documented in articles (and I’m as guilty as anyone) but less so in actual customer settings. The technology tried to follow behind server virtualization, but hasn’t seen quite the same uptake. The ROI just hasn’t been sufficient to move businesses to the client side of virtualization, despite promises of easier IT management and improved security via centralization. Accordingly, MSPs with virtualization practices have seen

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    5. CA Technologies Mid-market Re-org: Nimsoft, ARCserve Synergy

      Posted April 6th, 2012 by Joe Panettieri CA Technologies has confirmed a mid-market reorganization involving Nimsoft (IT management software) and ARCserve (storage, backup and disaster recovery), which was first reported by MSPmentor. But this is more than a product story. It’s part of a broader strategy to make sure CA is accelerating its business with mid-market MSPs (managed services providers) and emerging enterprises, according

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    6. Lenovo Uses Bmc It Service Management for ITIL Compliance

      The IT service management sector is red hot with competition these days. It seems as though the IT service management software provider ManageEngine either releases or upgrades a security product every day. Then BMC Software shook the industry up last month by acquiring Numara Software, a SaaS provider. And now more news from BMC, as the IT management software provider has made public its managed services deal with Lenovo, the world’s second largest personal computer vendor. Here’s the update. O

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