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    1. EHR Meaningful Use: Regulations Will Benefit All, With Time

      The AMA survey found that 72% of EHRs made it difficult or very difficult for doctors to decrease their workload. Physicians are rightly upset because Meaningful Use attestation is taking a major toll on the practice of medicine. "The regulations are, for the most part, on-target and well-intentioned," he affirms.

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    2. Breaking Down the Health IT Impacts of Stage 3 Meaningful Use

      Raising the bar on some of the toughest aspects of Stage 2 while requiring healthcare providers to make some significant leaps in EHR adoption and care delivery by 2018, the Stage 3 meaningful use framework poses some difficult questions for eligible providers and hospitals struggling with interoperability and the burdens of leveraging EHRs for patient care.

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    3. EHR adoption up, challenges in interoperability and meaningful use remain

      For all of the enthusiasm around electronic health records (EHRs), the systems that providers have put in place are still limited in their effectiveness because, too often, they don't talk to one another and only add to the administrative burden that they are intended to help reduce.

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    4. A Vc perspective on mHealth growth opportunities

      HR adoption is a necessary growing pain for the industry and a critical component of the digital health revolution. Without digital records as a foundational technology at the point of care, it is difficult to deliver innovation for the next generation of software and mobile solutions that are getting the bulk of the VC funding. 

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    5. Research Predicts Post-EHR Era of Hospital IT Investments

      New Frost & Sullivan research forecasts changes in hospital IT investments as healthcare organizations make significant investments in business and administrative information systems, ushering in a post-EHR era. According to the author of the research, the shift in the hospital EHR market reflects transformations in healthcare consolidation and reimbursement.

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