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    1. VMware promises better 3D graphics on virtualized desktops

      VMware is hoping to persuade more enterprises to make the leap to virtual desktops by improving graphics capabilities and allowing them to circumvent Microsoft's licensing terms. The company is this week hosting VMworld Europe in Barcelona and desktop virtualization is one of the big themes at the event. Along with its plan to take over the whole data center, including storage and networks ...

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    2. Why desktop virtualization is on the rise

      Most IT managers and system administrators these days are having to manage an increasingly distributed and complex range of desktops PCs, laptops and tablet computers on their networks. And making sure these multiple types of hardware, desktop images, applications, configurations and drivers are up to date and running smoothly all the time is a major challenge.

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    3. Is Your VDI Project Stalled?

      Even though virtualizing desktops has been a top 5 IT initiative for the last few years, about half of all VDI projects are stalled due to unacceptable user experience and project cost overruns. Bad user experience leads to low adoption. Learn how to ensure the success of your VDI initiatives during a free 30-minute webinar on Wed. Sept. 25th: http://www.aternity.com/eue-management-webinar-aternity-for-vdi/

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    4. Facing the Harsh Realities of Virtualization

      Virtualization has answered the call for controlling the rising tide of IT infrastructure costs, allowing IT to make changes and deploy new applications or updates more easily and quickly than ever before. Today hardware savings and more efficient management of pre-production and production environments are driving virtualization’s applicability, making virtualization more pronounced and widely implemented.

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