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    1. Citrix Supercharges Mobile Subscriber Experience with ByteMobile 7

      Citrix today announced the release of ByteMobile 7, the software that powers the company’s industry-leading solutions for mobile network operators. With more than 25 new features and dozens of feature enhancements, ByteMobile 7 builds on ground-breaking advances such as User Experience Indexing (UXI) to provide operators with unprecedented ability to use subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) as a service differentiator.

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    2. Imprivata Releases 2013 Desktop Virtualization Trends in Healthcare Report

      Imprivata, a global provider of healthcare IT security solutions, announced its 2013 Desktop Virtualization Trends in Healthcare report, the company's third-annual survey about the adoption rates and benefits of desktop virtualization and cloud-based applications in healthcare.

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    3. Virtualization: Misunderstood and Underappreciated

      There's a knowledge gap in the enterprise about virtualization and its impact on companies, according to a new survey of more than 1,200 employees by Cisco partner firms. The survey reveals that while CIOs see the value of deploying a virtualization initiative, the employees working at their firms have no idea what virtualization is. And even those employees and executives who understand virtualization are having a hard time understanding its advantages.

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    4. What Desktop Virtualization Means To Windows 8

      Since late last year, report after report has declared that PC sales are falling because users now prefer tablets and smartphones. But tablets aren't the only reason the PC market has been in disarray. Desktop virtualization has also played a behind-the-scenes role -- and that's been bad news for not only PCs, but also for Windows 8.

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    5. Is Desktop Virtualization Enough?

      Once you are past the hurdle of cost, desktop virtualization makes a lot of sense on paper.  In real life, desktop virtualization can be a productivity sucking vortex when it is suddenly more difficult for the end user to do their job.  All of the ROI numbers go out the window when everyone on a virtual desktop is suddenly working 20% slower.

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    6. Research: Desktop virtualization growing in popularity

      Desktop virtualization has been around for several years, but is gaining traction among companies around the world, with the number of users nearly doubling in the past five years. This report focuses on the results of TechRepublic's survey on who is using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which are the favored vendors, and the perceived pros and cons.

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