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    1. Why Are PC Sales Up And Tablet Sales Down?

      When iPads first came out, they were hailed as the undoing of the PC. Finally, a cheap and reliable computing device for the average user instead of the complicated, quirky PC. After a few years of strong growth for iOS and Android tablets and a corresponding decrease in PC sales, the inverse is suddenly true: PC sales are up and tablet sales are “crashing”. What happened? Read More

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    2. Citrix Enhances Desktop Virtualization Experience for Users and Admins

      Getting end users to agree to give up their physical desktops in favor of virtual ones has been something of a challenge. That’s why the ultimate goal for desktop virtualization needs to be one where the virtual user’s experience is actually better than what they currently get from running Windows natively.

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    3. Don't build IT budgets on predictions and hype

      If you go by big analyst firm predictions and vendor hype, you'd think every IT shop has virtualized desktops, implemented BYOD and uses MDM software. But that's far from reality.  IT decision makers need to remember enterprises are made up of many types of employees, and not all need the same technologies. 



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