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    1. Top ITOA Predictions for 2015

      Top ITOA Predictions for 2015

      The ITOA Landscape’s 2015 ITOA Predictions list features exclusive quotes from the recently recognized IT Operations Analytics Leaders list (the ITOA50), as well as the leading analysts focused on ITOA. Read predictions from industry experts from Aternity, BMC, IBM, Forrester and Gartner on how IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) will emerge and impact organizations in 2015. http://www.itoa-landscape.org/2015-itoa-predictions

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    2. Second Annual List of Top Read EUE2Day Articles

      It’s time for the annual run-down of what caught the interest of IT professionals over the past year. From articles about the most interesting trends at major industry events to blogs focused on End User Experience Monitoring, read the articles from 2014 that garnered the most views over the past year. http://www.aternity.com/aternity-central/second-annual-list-top-read-eue2day-articles/

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    3. Zensar announces significant new deals in Infrastructure Management

      Zensar's end user experience management service leverages Aternity's platform enabling enterprises to see real time application and device performance from an end user perspective; and to measure, manage and improve user productivity on any device, any application and any location.

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    4. Aternity Workforce APM 8.0 – New Feature Spotlight: New Dashboards For New Use Cases

      Aternity Workforce APM 8.0 – New Feature Spotlight: New Dashboards For New Use Cases

      Read the latest Aternity technical blog, authored by Raviv Chalamish, VP or Products, regarding an in-depth look at the new dashboards and new use cases addressed in next year’s release of Aternity Workforce APM 8.0.

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    5. Not All End User Experience Monitoring Solutions Are Created Equal

      Not All End User Experience Monitoring Solutions Are Created Equal

      Featured byline published in APMDigest by Aternity, explaining how, although multiple approaches to end user experience monitoring exist, each has distinct use cases and limitations. Enterprises IT Ops teams focused on ensuring workforce productivity across the broad portfolio of enterprise apps should carefully consider their options. The article also features an extensive chart on the various monitoring approaches.http://www.apmdigest.com/apm-end-user-experience-monitoring

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    6. Horseshoes, Hand Grenades & VDI: Close Counts!

      Horseshoes, Hand Grenades & VDI: Close Counts!

      The oft-proclaimed ‘Year of VDI’ has yet to arrive, but much like its take on ‘The Death of The PC’, Dell – and quite a few others, including the market research leaders Gartner and IDC – isn’t ready to throw in the towel for the virtual desktop (or device).

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    7. Dell Cloud Client-Computing Offers Scalable and Flexible Desktop Virtualization

      Dell cloud client-computing today unveiled Dell Wyse vWorkspace 8.5, the latest release of its high-performance desktop virtualization software.With this release, Dell is the only solutions provider that offers organizations an end-to-end solution that includes VDI connection broker software, with simplicity, scalability, performance, and one point of contact for support.

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    8. How Citrix fits into the hybrid cloud | #reinvent

      Facilitating the seamless movement of workloads among on- and off-premise environments is only the first leg of the journey toward the hybrid cloud, and that creates an opportunity for vendors such as Citrix Systems Inc. to fill the gaps, according to Morgan Gerhart, the senior director of products for cloud and networking business at Citrix.

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    9. VMware is going to do Linux VDI too. So what if it's a niche of a niche, people need it

      There are two types of potential Linux desktop virtualization proponents: the cheapskates and the people with real business needs. The cheapskates look to Linux because of favorable licensing, and the most ambitious of them can even do it for free. The people with real business need are those that are running Linux already simply because they have to. Only one of these types of people will be successful.

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    10. Last Chance to Register! | 30-min Webinar | Virtual Desktop Monitoring & End User Experience Monitoring + Free Whitepaper

      Happening tomorrow, Wed., Nov. 12th! No matter where you are in your virtualization rollout, now is the right time for enterprise IT Operations to learn the best practices for effectively planning VDI migrations, ensuring SLA compliance for virtualized applications, and troubleshooting problems across all layers of the virtual infrastructure. Sign up and receive a new Virtual Desktop Monitoring whitepaper. www.aternity.com/live-desktop-virt-webinar2

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    11. From the Frontline: Troubleshooting Virtualized Applications: It’s Like Searching for a Needle in a Haystack, Inside a Silo

      From the Frontline: Troubleshooting Virtualized Applications: It’s Like Searching for a Needle in a Haystack, Inside a Silo

      When enterprises migrate applications to virtual infrastructure, users are quick to blame any performance problems on the virtualization technologies. Here’s a real world case study of how a financial services company identified and resolved the true cause of poor performance in their virtual environment. Authored by Aternity blogger, Bob Ruggiero, Solution Architect, who helps customers rapidly realize the value of Workforce APM.

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