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    1. Meaningful Use in Year Two and Beyond: Informing the Efforts of RECs

      by Christopher Harle and Nir Menachemi Physicians and other eligible health care professionals have shown broad interest in the meaningful use incentive program. As we enter year two of the program, it is informative to look back at first-year participation to inform efforts aimed at increasing electronic health record adoption in future years. According to CMS, in 2011, 29,344 eligible professionals received a total of $570,35

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    2. Quammen Health Care Consultants Leads Faith Regional Health Services to EHR Meaningful Use

      MURFREESBORO, Tenn., Nov. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With Quammen Health Care Consultants leading the charge, Faith Regional Health Services blazed a new trail in rural Nebraska -- one that has led the 227-bed hospital to successfully attest to the meaningful use of an electronic...
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      Mentions: Iowa Healthcare Arra
    3. ABQ Health Partners Selects Aternity® as Strategic Application Performance Management Solution

      Largest, independent physician-owned Medical Group in the Southwest U.S. adopts Frontline Performance Intelligence to proactively identify EHR performance issues and improve end user experience and productivity. With Aternity, ABQ Health Partners will monitor and analyze the performance of its Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution in order to pro-actively monitor on-going use.
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    4. Healthcare Practices Embrace Mobile Technologies, New CompTIA Research Reveals

      Healthcare Practices Embrace Mobile Technologies, New CompTIA Research RevealsEON: Enhanced Online News (press release)A key component of EMR/EHR meaningful use is the ability to share information (Health Information Exchange), which will require flexibility, scalability, big data capacity, redundancy and robustness. In other words, many of the elements of cloud ...and more »
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    5. CMS Gives New EHR Meaningful Use Guidance

      CMS Gives New EHR Meaningful Use GuidanceHealth Data Management"Over 114000 eligible professionals and hospitals have registered for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs. As more hospitals move towards meeting meaningful use and attesting, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ...and more »
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    6. How hospitals prepare for health IT in an ACO world

      How hospitals prepare for health IT in an ACO world
      How hospitals prepare for health IT in an ACO worldFierceHealthcareThese regulations require that at least 50 percent of an ACO's primary care physicians achieve the fed's EHR Meaningful Use criteria by year two of the ACO agreement. So due to both the functional need and regulatory requirement, ACOs will give EHR ...
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    7. ECRI Institute Advises Hospitals on How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Medical Device Connectivity

      October 12, 2011 Web Conference will Discuss Issues and Challenges Associated with Medical Device Connectivity PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa., Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- ECRI Institute, a nonprofit organization that researches the best approaches to improving patient care, presents...
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    8. Privacy, EHR Policy Changes Coming in Federal Health IT Plan

      Privacy, EHR Policy Changes Coming in Federal Health IT PlanHealth Data ManagementONC in the plan also reiterates its support of a recommendation from the HIT Policy Committee to extend by one year Stage 1 of EHR meaningful use for providers attesting in 2011, and notes it has made the recommendation to the Centers for Medicare and ...and more »
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    9. Q&A: Between the lines of Nejm Ehr report - 'Trust trumps technology' for Ehr ...

      Q&A: Between the lines of NEJM EHR report - 'Trust trumps technology' for EHR ...Government Health ITJain: It's not absolutely critical but sharing of electronic data is to the patient's advantage and with increasing adoption of EHRs may be less burdensome to the provider as well. Sharing of just paper-based records may not automatically support the ...and more »
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    10. EHR Incentives Likely to Improve Quality

      EHR Incentives Likely to Improve QualityHealthcare IT News (blog)Their study also would have provided even more compelling evidence for an advantage to EHR use if they had measured before-and-after performance for groups that had switched away from paper-based to using an EHR. But this study absolutely provides a ...and more »
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    11. Q&A: How APM replaced perception with fact at one health care company

      If end users' perceptions of new technologies often appear out of sync with actual performance, they probably are. In this interview, Will Weider, CIO of Ministry Health Care, discusses some of the challenges of rolling out an electronic health records system to clinics across Wisconsin …..”We needed a way to objectively measure the user experience. We really didn't feel we could get a true measure of end user experience unless we had something running on the desktop. The APM solution [from Aternity Inc.] is really kind of monitoring what the end user is seeing: How long they're on ...
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    12. Report: Start Stage 2 Meaningful Use Work Now

      Report: Start Stage 2 Meaningful Use Work Now
      Report: Start Stage 2 Meaningful Use Work NowHealth Data ManagementA final rule on requirements under Stage 2 of the EHR meaningful use program is unlikely to be significantly different from recommendations from the HIT Policy and Standards Committees, according to a new report from consultancy Computer Sciences Corp. ...
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    13. Two More States Start Medicaid EHR Meaningful Use

      Two More States Start Medicaid EHR Meaningful Use
      Two More States Start Medicaid EHR Meaningful UseHealth Data ManagementPennsylvania and the state of Washington recently launched their Medicaid electronic health records meaningful use incentive programs, the 16th and 17th states to do so, but the first since May 2. Fourteen out of the first 15 states live on the program ...
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    14. The Future of Meaningful Use, EHRs and Accountable Care Webinar Offered

      The Future of Meaningful Use, EHRs and Accountable Care Webinar OfferedAmerican Banking News (press release)Understand how medical practices can secure EHR adoption incentive payments. Comprehend how practices need to rapidly understand their EHR implementation and usability requirements for EHR meaningful use. Recognize the functionality to look for that ...and more »
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    15. Beware too-great EHR expectations

      CHIME: Beware too-great EHR expectationsHealth Imaging & ITThe timeliness standard under the HIPAA provisions “is significantly different from that under the EHR meaningful use regulations recently adopted by HHS (30 days for information maintained onsite vs. three business days),” CHIME noted.and more »
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    16. Federal Government Employs 'Carrot-Stick' Approach to EHR Adoption

      Federal Government Employs 'Carrot-Stick' Approach to EHR Adoption
      As the HITRC gathers information on effective practices and helps the RECs work with one another and with relevant stakeholders to identify and share best practices in EHR adoption ... apply for the Medicare EHR meaningful use incentive program.
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    17. Important Meaningful Use Dates for 2011

      Important Meaningful Use Dates for 2011Health Data ManagementFeb. 29, 2012: Last day for eligible professionals to register and attest to receive an incentive payment for calendar year 2011. A lot more information on the EHR meaningful use programs is available at cms.gov/EHRIncentivePrograms.
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    18. EHRs Are Not Truly Meaningful Without Diagnostic Images

      The final rule for phase 1 of the federal government’s EHR meaningful use initiative, published in July 2010, failed to specify inclusion of diagnostic images as a requirement to qualify for incentives. As healthcare organizations across the country execute on plans to secure stimulus funds, most do not include diagnostic images.
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