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    1. How EHRs change the way doctors deliver care

      An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a collection of patients’ electronic health information, stored digitally, that can also be shared across different healthcare providers. With advancements in digital technology transforming the world we live in, universal adoption of fully interoperable EHRs will transform healthcare delivery and provision throughout the nation.

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    2. What is driving the drop in meaningful use participation?

      Meaningful use criteria have certainly stimulated both dialogue and EHR adoption within the healthcare community. But for some physicians, the use of EHR is a strategic investment in the consistency and quality of care that they provide as a team inside and outside the clinic.

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    3. US Healthcare IT on the Move

      The US healthcare sector has made "significant strides" in adopting new health information technologies, particularly electronic health records, over the last several years, but still lags behind other developed nations in the use of EHRs, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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    4. Five considerations for achieving EHR optimization - EHRIntelligence

      Implementing an electronic health records system is no easy task.  Between finding a product that meets your needs, ensuring that it’s within your budget, securing the cooperation and approval of your staff, scheduling training, and those first rocky days after go-live, your implementation team will have earned a nice, long vacation.

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    5. EHR adoption reaches “tipping point” but challenges remain

      The Department of Health and Human Services marked a milestone this week, announcing more than 50 percent of eligible providers have adopted or used electronic health records — a goal for 2013. But even as providers ramp up their systems to satisfy Meaningful Use requirements, they face several challenges. 

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