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    1. Simulation: A way to achieve proficiency in EMR adoption

      Simulation: A way to achieve proficiency in EMR adoption McKnight's Long Term Care News However, the rate of EMR adoption among long-term care and post-acute care facilities has been described as “dismally low.” In fact, a study by Health Affairs in 20121 found that only six percent of long-term care facilities had a basic EMR system in place.

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    2. EHR Implementation Rising, But Hurdles for Healthcare Providers Remain

      Thanks to government incentives, more healthcare organizations in the United States are implementing Electronic Health Record systems than ever before. But EHR implementation isn't the same as EHR adoption, which requires significant investment in planning, training and personnel.

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    3. Box Takes Electronic Health Records to the Cloud

      Box Takes Electronic Health Records to the Cloud

      Healthcare providers were among the first industries to use tablets and other mobile devices, but leveraging them fully has been difficult due to regulations that protect electronic health records and other personal health information. But enterprise content sharing specialist Box is making an aggressive play for the healthcare vertical with what it says is a HIPAA/HITECH compliant platform.

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    4. The New Excellence: Consumerism Comes To The Medical Market

      The New Excellence: Consumerism Comes To The Medical Market

      “Let Patients Help” is not just the title of this blog, it’s the catchphrase of my cause. I'm alive today because of the best of medicine, but as a guy who spent his life in high tech, I see vividly how much medicine needs to adapt to changing rules and surging volume. I advocate for a totally new view of the role of the patient: patient as engaged partner, not passive recipient.

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    5. 2012 in Review

      It's the time of year that many writers reflect on the major events of the past 365 days.  I'll let the journalists cover the impact of the election, the epidemic of senseless violence, and the scandals of infidelity.To me, there were 5 major healthcare IT events in 2012 that we need to recognize and celebrate:

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    6. Overcoming obstacles to EMR adoption

      * Jungle Jumps Offers Tips for Overcoming Inflatable Safety Concerns * YourHealthReporter.com Reviews Duke Peterson’s eBook, “Vision without Glasses” * Slotland’s New "Ice Queen" Online Slot is a Magical Winter Fantasy with a Spellbinding Bonus Game * Thalidomide Survivors from European Limb Deficiency Organisation Welcome Ten Year Funding Grant from * ShoreTel Honors Black Box for Outstanding Achievement in Customer Satisfaction * Getting the “Cold” on the Road * Formic Media Spends Volunteerin

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