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    1. HP Serves Up Collaboration, Development with a Side of Partnerships

      Self-Service BI with Claudia Imhoff: Claudia Imhoff, President of Intelligent Solutions, explores self-service business intelligence options with TDWI Director of Education Paul Kautza from TDWI’s World Conference in Las Vegas Self-Service BI with Claudia Imhoff: Claudia Imhoff, President of Intelligent Solutions, explores self-service business intelligence options with TDWI Director of Education Paul Kautza from TDWI’s World Conference in Las Vegas Self-Service BI with Claudia Imhoff: Claudia I

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    2. Verizon updates Revolution with Remote Diagnostics, HTC turns to LogMeIn

      Both Verizon and HTC are experimenting with remote diagnostics and tech support. Big Red will be offering the tool to owners of the LG Revolution first. The VS910ZV8 update delivers a number of changes, but the most notable new feature is the integration of Verizon Remote Diagnostics. Now, when a customer calls support, the technician (or script follower, as the case may be) on the other side ...

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    3. New Citrix XenDesktop accelerates migration to Windows 7

      New release of desktop virtualization solution, Citrix XenDesktop, provides a set of tools and methodologies to accelerate enterprise-wide migrations to Windows 7, giving enterprises a way to design, deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications in existing operations InformationWeek News Network, March 20, 2012 * * * * * Tweet Citrix Systems announced a new release of its desktop virtualization solution, Citrix XenDesktop. This new

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    4. dinCloud Pushes Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI) Forward

      by Brian Taylor on 3.15.12 dinCloud, a cloud services provider of hosted virtual desktops, has expanded dinHVD, its flagship service, to include self-managed customer initiatives and new budgetary features. dinHVD is based on dinStack, a coalition of technology companies focused on high performance desktop virtualization. Platform Equinix is one of the dinStack technologies that dinHVD uses. “For cloud services such as dinCloud’s hoste

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    5. Pano Logic Answers Call for VDI Expertise

      REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - March 14, 2012) - Pano Logic, the leader in zero client desktop virtualization (VDI), today announced that it has organized a new resource ecosystem to help IT managers make the transition from PCs to fully centralized, zero client computing. Pano Logic has grouped its technical resources under the newly created role of Vice President of Customer Success, who will mobilize efforts to help IT managers understand, select and optimize the underlying architecture supp

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    6. Java/.NET APM Provider AppDynamics Adds End-User Monitoring

      Java/.NET Application Performance Management (APM) company AppDynamics has just added end-user monitoring (EUM) to the commercial edition of its namesake APM solution. The EUM capabilities now available in AppDynamics Pro measure browser rendering times and network latency. EUM captures end-to-end performance metrics for such business transactions as page rendering time in the browser, network time, and processing time in the app infrastructure, according to the company. It also identifies bottl

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    7. Zyrion Releases Predictive Analytics for Monitoring of IT Infrastructure

      The Predictive Analytics module allows automatic baselining and behavior learning of cloud and IT infrastructure. - Cloud and IT monitoring software solutions specialist Zyrion announced the release of the Traverse Predictive Analytics Module that learns the component behavior pattern of IT services and helps isolate the underlying problem for performance degradation within distributed, heterogeneous cloud infras...

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    8. Quest Software Meets Escalating Demand for User-Centric Approach to Managing ...

      ALISO VIEJO, CA, USA- The demise of the traditional, fixed computer desktop has created radical change across the enterprise, forcing business leaders and IT to relinquish some control over which devices, applications and platforms employees use for work. The proliferation of personal devices in use by much of today’s workforce redefines the user workspace as a dynamic, cross-platform virtual office encompassing all devices, locations and form factors. Organizations must proactively manage these

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    9. Lenovo Uses Bmc It Service Management for ITIL Compliance

      The IT service management sector is red hot with competition these days. It seems as though the IT service management software provider ManageEngine either releases or upgrades a security product every day. Then BMC Software shook the industry up last month by acquiring Numara Software, a SaaS provider. And now more news from BMC, as the IT management software provider has made public its managed services deal with Lenovo, the world’s second largest personal computer vendor. Here’s the update. O

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    10. Serena Software Defines and Delivers Orchestrated IT

      By: Marketwire . Mar. 13, 2012 09:04 AM REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/13/12 -- * New and Enhanced Products Extend Successful IT Process Orchestration Strategy Beyond Development, into Operations and IT Front Office * Orchestrated IT Strategy Rejects Rip-and-Replace, Integrates Existing Tools into Process-Driven Human Workflow * The Industry's Most Complete DevOps Solution Meets the Needs of the CIO for

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    11. Wyse Redefines Desktop Virtualization With a Ground-Breaking Zero Client ...

      SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - March 7, 2012) -  Wyse Technology, the global leader in cloud client computing, today announced the availability of the Wyse T10 client, based on the ultra-secure Wyse zero framework*. The Wyse T10 broadens Wyse's portfolio of clients and can help cut the cost of delivering a seamless user experience for virtual desktops based on Citrix, Marvell, Microsoft, Quest Software and VMware technology with unparalleled security, ease of use and zero management. The Wyse T10 w

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    12. CA Technologies positioned in Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for User ...

      CA Technologies positioned in Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for User Authentication http://www.itweb.co.za/logos/comp-as_logo.gif Press release issued by Blain Communications Johannesburg, 5 Mar 2012 Visit our press office CA Technologies (CA: NASDAQ) today announced that it has been positioned by Gartner in the Leaders quadrant of the report, Magic Quadrant for User Authentication*. According to the report by Gartner Research Vice-President Ant Allan: “We estimate the overall growth in

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