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    1. Don’t get distracted by the D in BYOD: focus on the data

      We are a device-crazed society. There’s no doubt about it. With an estimated 12 billion Internet-connected devices currently used worldwide, according to Strategy Analytics, 24x7 mobile access is something we take for granted. And, our always-connected way of living shows no signs of stopping. By 2020, individuals are expected to own an average of 4.3 mobile devices.

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    2. Ending life of BYOD products

      Employees who bring their own devices into the office for business use has helped companies cut hardware and service costs. However, in some cases, it has also resulted in an added burden upon the IT departments tasked with maintaining these devices. BYOD has also brought up the important question of what happens to a device when it comes to its end of life.

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    3. Key Takeaways & Themes From Mobile World Congress 2015

      This year’s MWC attracted more than 93K attendees from 200 countries with 2K+ exhibitors and had three major themes discussed and presented throughout the show: M2M (Machineto Machine) Technologies & Infrastructure, Wearables, and Enterprise Mobility. Read more from Christopher Reynolds, Director, Product Management at Aternity, as he blogs about what he learned during the biggest and best MWC to date. 

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    4. Three Things CIOs Must Know About Mobile Apps

      Mobility has arrived at the center of the digital enterprise. Today, developing apps for customers, employees and business partners is no longer optional. But somewhere between the promise of the technology and the goal of maximizing budgets lies the real world of putting mobility and apps to work effectively. Here are three things that CIOs often get wrong.

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    5. Aternity Workforce APM 8.0 – New Feature Spotlight: Expanded Mobile APM Capabilities

      Aternity Workforce APM 8.0 – New Feature Spotlight: Expanded Mobile APM Capabilities

      Published by Aternity’s Director of Product Management, Christopher Reynolds, the blog summarizes Aternity’s expanded Mobile APM capabilities including enhanced dashboards, a new and improved iOS wrapper, and expanded support for iOS and Android mobile environments.

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    6. What’s Your IT Challenge? CAMP IT Covers Big Four IT Trends: Mobile, Big Data, Social & Cloud

      What’s Your IT Challenge? CAMP IT Covers Big Four IT Trends: Mobile, Big Data, Social & Cloud

      This blog presents a summary of the key challenges facing today’s CIOs and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) during a recent conference held in Chicago earlier this month.Real-world strategies and techniques for better enabling IT executives to work closely with the CMO were presented, along with best practices for managing and aligning expectations and team resources in order to work together more effectively and drive business success.

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    7. EMM vs. MAM: Are we doing mobile security all wrong?

      Multiple analyst and vendor studies now point to the need for mobile security to shift away from the device and more towards mobile apps. More insidiously, the attack vectors against corporate owned and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices are evolving and changing to keep pace with mobile technology advancements

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    8. 10 Ways To Measure IT Security Program Effectiveness

      As CISOs try to find ways to prove ROI to higher ups and improve the overall effectiveness of security operations, the right metrics can make or break their efforts. Fortunately, infosec as an industry has matured to the point where many enterprising security leaders have found innovative and concrete measures to track performance and drive toward continual improvement. 

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    9. IoT Startups Need To Consider Their Business Models Carefully

      With forecasts projecting that billions of new devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, device makers are rushing to release new products they hope will corner the Internet of Things market. This much was evident at CES this year, when dozens of companies exhibited new connected hardware for the home, car, body, factory floor and more.

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    10. Today’s 30-min Workforce APM Webinar | Bonus Companion Paper

      Today’s 30-min Workforce APM Webinar | Bonus Companion Paper

      Today’s live 30-minute webinar, Not all End User Experience Management (EUEM) Solutions are Created Equal, scheduled for 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT promises to be an insightful look at the inherent technology differences behind End User Experience Management solutions, and how each address a particular use case. All registrants receive a newly published companion whitepaper. There’s still time to register! If you can’t join us live, you’ll get access to the playback version.

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