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    1. Enterprise-Class Mobile APM: 5 Tips for 5 Stars, Part 2

      Do you know how to ensure that your mobile enterprise app means business and gets the 5-star app rating it deserves? Read part two in a five-part blog series and you’ll see first-hand how Aternity Mobile APM for App Developers (a no-cost, tag-free, SaaS-delivered Mobile APM product) can help get your app back in top form!

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    2. California Court BYOD Ruling – Measuring Mobile App Usage for “Reasonable” Reimbursement

      Last month, a California appeals court ruled that under California Labor Law, companies must reimburse employees who are required to use a personal cell phone for work for "...a reasonable percentage of their cell phone bills." While the legal process runs its course, companies of all sizes, whether in California or elsewhere, should consider the impact of a ruling in favor of employees. The key questions to answer are what constitutes a “reasonable” reimbursement for an employee’s work-mandated cell phone usage, and how do you measure it? 

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    3. Aternity® mAPM for App Developers Wins People’s Choice Stevie® Award in 2014 American Business Awards

      Aternity announced that its no-cost, tag-free Mobile APM SaaS offering was voted Favorite New Product for Mobile Operations Management by the American Business Award. Read more and see for yourself what the buzz is all about by signing up for your account today – no credit card required.

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    4. IT On the Verge of a Mobile Meltdown: Why BYOD and Mobile Application Management are Driving Businesses Crazy

      The popular revolt is breaking up IT's monopoly on control from the bottom up. Employees want to be unshackled. They want the devices they want. The operating systems they want. The apps they want. And IT must now bend to the will of employees, rather than the other way around.

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    5. Mobility, DevOps Driving Application Performance Monitoring Market Growth

      With the proliferation of trends such as mobility and DevOps, and the convergence of software development and IT operations into IT infrastructure, enterprises are realizing the importance of having solutions that can proactively monitor application performance, says research firm Frost & Sullivan.

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    6. Mobile App Management and Monitoring with XenMobile and Aternity

      Enabling EMM and delivering any application to any device is one thing but ensuring those apps deliver an excellent end user experience is quite another. Enabling EMM and delivering any application to any device is one thing but ensuring those apps deliver an excellent end user experience is quite another. Join Christopher Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager for XenMobile, and Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist for Aternity, on August 5 as they discuss mobile application management more deeply and explore the benefits of application management and end user experience management solutions.

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    7. How organizations deal with BYOD and mobile security

      A new study found that nearly half of respondents agreed that users bringing downloaded apps or content with embedded security exploits into their organization, as well as malware infections, are top BYOD security concerns. In addition, 60 percent of respondents said that malware protection is a requirement for mobile security.

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