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    1. Skype for Business | Successful Migration Depends on Excellent End User Experience Management

      A large insurance and wealth management company recently migrated its communication to Skype for Business, however IT noticed that users were experiencing bad connections. With Aternity, the company was given insight into understanding why the problem was occurring and helped resolve the issue and improve the End User Experience.

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    2. New Digital Workplace Guide | Featuring Gartner Research

      Newly published guide, featuring Gartner research, provides you with insight into recognizing the forces underpinning your digital workplace strategy and how to integrate your mobile initiatives to transform your enterprise, key strategies for leveraging Mobile Application Performance Management (Mobile APM) to ensure expected gains in customer satisfaction and workforce productivity. You'll also gain access to Gartner’s “Make Mobile Part of Your Digital Workplace Strategy” report.

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    3. Exclusive Business Transformation Infographic

      Aternity looked at its enterprise customer use cases. Then, they categorized the top transformation initiatives. Finally, they aligned them to the common barriers they see their customers coming up against. Take a look at this NEW infographic on the 5 Common Barriers to Business Transformation and download the complete version, along with the supporting survey results.

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    4. Is your enterprise mobility strategy good?

      There are numerous benefits to creating a mobile workforce, including improved information sharing, increased productivity and greater work flexibility. But this has left many enterprises having to manage the need to balance connecting more devices, apps and data to enable business productivity while at the same time tightly handling security and controlling cost.

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    5. The challenges of balancing employee privacy and corporate security in BYOD

      Corporate data protection and employee privacy are typically mutually exclusive, leaving IT departments in a tough spot. Employees want to remain productive while on the go and often prefer to bring their own mobile devices to work. But unmanaged devices with access to corporate data increase the risk that sensitive corporate data will leak. On the one hand, IT needs a flexible and effective solution that enables secure mobile access to corporate data and apps.



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    6. Advance Release 2016 Mobile Playbook | View 2015 Edition Today

      Don’t miss the opportunity to get on the advance distribution list for the 2016 Mobile Playbook, which will feature industry research from more than 40 sources. Download the 2015 edition, featuring an intro by Citrix, and we’ll make sure you get the new version in just a few weeks! http://www.aternity.com/2015_advanced_MP5

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    7. 5 Key Facts About Mobile APM That Will Impress Your Boss

      As organizations leverage mobile more and more as part of their business strategy, they are also recognizing the need to monitor these apps to ensure their investments are actually paying off and improving workforce productivity. Here are some key factoids – some commonly understood, others less known – you should be aware about Mobile APM that just may come in handy for you during that big strategy meeting with your manager.

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    8. Barclays Speaks | 4 Key Benefits of Aternity End User Experience Monitoring

      Multinational banking and financial services company, Barclays, needed a way to better understand the user experience to validate how IT innovation is actually adding incremental business value. By leveraging Aternity End User Experience Monitoring, they now have immediate insight into performance problems and are troubleshooting end user problems rapidly.

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    9. How are you Validating the Impact of your Enterprise Virtualization Initiatives?

      Is your enterprise trying to determine when virtualization is a viable option? Do you have a definitive way to show, or have the visibility to REALLY see, how performance will be impacted? Read how organizations are leveraging Aternity's Real End User Experience Monitoring to ensure successful app & desktop virtualization deployments.


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    10. Aternity 9 | New Approaches to Enterprise Web App Performance Diagnostics

      The tide has shifted with an increasing number of apps developed and delivered by commercial 3rd parties, both SaaS and cloud solutions, offloading the responsibilities for maintenance and reliability to the vendor rather than internal IT. While this movement has dramatically reduced the overhead and complexity of delivering enterprise services, it also limits IT’s ability to provide oversight and manage application performance. In Aternity Version 9, we've added web app Discovery, which automatically gathers the user productivity, health, and distribution for all internal web apps and around 100 well-known SaaS apps, all without configuration.

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