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    1. Investing In Enterprise Mobility

      Guess how many people access business applications from within the corporate environment 100% of the time? In effect, that means once these guys are out of office, they are truly out of office. Professional life over, personal life begins. The percentage of folks that follow such a blissful model of work-life balance is reported to be only 10%. For the rest of the 90%, office activity happen anytime, anyplace. Well almost – it all depends on one critical factor…’Enterprise Mobility’.

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    2. Windows Server 2003 End of Life: How End User Experience Management can Help Ensure a Successful Migration

      The date is July 14th, 2015. Are you ready? Read more about what research firms like Gigaom, are recommending in order to prepare your enterprise. Learn about End User Experience Management and how Aternity’s unique approach delivers important before-after performance analysis and helps ensure that all of your mission-critical business applications deliver the best possible experience to your workforce.

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    3. Four Virtual Desktop Blind Spots That Can Stall Your VDI Migration

      Desktop virtualization disrupts the traditional relationship between applications, physical hardware, operating systems, and presentation layers.  Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity, explores the four primary virtual desktop blind spots that enterprises need illuminated to have a comprehensive, unified view of their VDI environment in order to effectively plan, manage, and troubleshoot VDI initiatives. 
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    4. Next big challenge for mobile management: contractors and other third-party workers

      With the explosion of mobility in the workplace over the past decade, many organizations were quick to deploy management programs. As the dust settles, businesses are beginning to notice a problematic gap: Many mobile policies overlook independent workers like consultants, contractors and partners. 

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    5. Aternity Workforce APM 8.0 – New Feature Spotlight: Expanded Device Monitoring

      Aternity Workforce APM 8.0 – New Feature Spotlight: Expanded Device Monitoring

      Read the latest blog, published by Aternity’s VP of Products, Raviv Chalamish, discussing the expanded device monitoring capabilities that are a key part of Aternity Workforce APM version 8.0.  Learn more about the 11 new desktop health monitors in five key areas to enhance an enterprise’s ability to proactively identify and resolve desktop issues that impact end user experience.

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    6. Mobile Strategists Seek Greater Input From CIOs

      Mobile Strategists Seek Greater Input From CIOs

      The majority of organizations have created new positions to designate a specific mobile leader, according to a recent survey from Kinvey. However, many of these senior-level professionals are less than impressed with their organization's approach to mobile initiatives –with a notable share blaming their CIO for strategic shortcomings. 

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    7. 18 Ways to Ensure Application Performance Before Rollout - Part 1

      "Developers should ensure their pre-rollout checklist includes an enterprise-class mobile APM solution that can report on the business impact of mobile app performance, not only for simple consumer app transactions that can be defined by association to a destination URL or tagging the app, but also for more complex business activities executed by the enterprise workforce," Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist, Aternity

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    8. Part V: Enterprise-class Mobile APM: 5 Tips for 5 Stars – Web Service Errors

       Read the final installment in a series of posts focused on technical strategies for achieving the coveted 5-star rating for enterprise apps.  Other blogs in this series have gone in-depth on health, app crash analysis, data plan optimization, and HTTP performance using Aternity Mobile APM for App Developers.  Today’s final post, authored by Aternity’s Christopher Reynolds, Director of Product Management, drills into web service errors.

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    9. TODAY: 30-min Healthcare IT Webinar featuring Analyst Firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

      TODAY: 30-min Healthcare IT Webinar featuring Analyst Firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

      Never-before-released findings around healthcare IT trends will be presented by analyst research firm EMA. Webinar attendees will also learn core strategies healthcare organizations can embrace to fulfill the promise of digital healthcare delivery through real-world use cases and a technology review of End User Experience Management. Don’t miss hearing real-world healthcare IT use cases. Register and receive a new Healthcare IT whitepaper: http://www.aternity.com/live-HC-webinar1

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