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    1. CIOs Overwhelmed With Obsolete Apps

      CIOs and other senior tech executives say IT is supporting far too many apps that are no longer relevant to business support, according to a recent survey from Capgemini. Most agree that app-modernization initiatives would help address the issue, but they also say that they don't have a formal strategy to align app deployment with business objectives.

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    2. Keep Your Enterprise Safe from BYOD

      Keep Your Enterprise Safe from BYOD

      Current systems and processes can't keep up with the complexity involved in managing today's Mobile device and apps requirements, especially with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. ITOA tools must deliver the actionable analytics that enable IT to understand the mobile experience of their users and better serve them. 

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    3. What Today's Mobile Users Want

      CIOs are emerging as leading voices—if not the top influencers—in determining how their companies should move forward with mobility initiatives. This includes, of course, collaborating with business-side colleagues to determine the right combination of technology and marketing strategies to "be where the customer is" with respect to consumer devices. But not all mobile users are the same, and a new survey report from Experian Marketing Services examines seven categories of smartphone consumers in terms of device and technology preferences. 

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