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    1. Automation of Business Processes Drives Benefits

      The majority of IT professionals said the automation of business processes is essential in today's corporate environment, although demand for speed is stressing IT's abilities and resources. A new study by PMG, which offers an enterprise service catalog and business process automation software, finds that while automation can enhance customer experience and productivity, disparate systems and shadow IT can get in the way. 

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    2. New Partnership Announced! Aternity and MobileIron Team Up

      Aternity delivers Workforce APM compatibility with MobileIron Apps@Work. Deployed together, Aternity’s Workforce APM Platform with MobileIron enables improved workforce productivity for Mobile First enterprises.“Aternity’s Workforce APM Platform is a natural fit because it helps our customers extend their mobility initiatives by providing app analytics to improve mobile app performance and employee productivity,” said Sean Convery, Vice President of Product Management, MobileIron. Learn more about this powerful partnership by reading today’s press release here: http://www.aternity.com/company/news-events/news-item/aternity-delivers-workforce-apm-compatibility-mobileiron-appswork/

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    3. Just Released! New Version of Aternity’s Award-winning Mobile APM Product for App Developers

      Aternity announced the general availability of a new version of Aternity Mobile APM for App Developers which includes significant updates for increased ease of use, faster troubleshooting of mobile app performance issues, and powerful user interface enhancements enabling a single dashboard view of critical user experience and app performance metrics. Coinciding with these enhancements, Aternity mAPM for App Developers was named the 2014 Gold Stevie award winner in the mobile operations management category. Sign up today for your no-cost, no-risk, mAPM account today http://www.aternity.com/mobile-apm/sign-up/.


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    4. 10 Ingredients for a Successful Enterprise-Led Mobile Initiative

      10 Ingredients for a Successful Enterprise-Led Mobile Initiative

      According to a recent IDC industry study, only 16 percent of U.S. companies are taking a clear-cut, corporate-led approach to enterprise mobility. On the other hand, nearly 50 percent of organizations using a mobile solution list a wide range of benefits, including smarter, faster decision-making; improved organizational efficiency; cost savings; better customer interaction; and increased revenue. 

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    5. Avoid These 5 Top Mistakes in Implementing Enterprise BYOD

      Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a hot topic in recent years. It’s been said to boost employee productivity and morale as they have the freedom to work with the devices that they love and choose to use. But are you doing everything that you can to make BYOD in your workplace a success? Check out these five mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

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    6. From the Frontline: Exclusive first-look at Aternity Workforce APM version 8.0

      From the Frontline: Exclusive first-look at Aternity Workforce APM version 8.0

      Get a sneak peek of the new capabilities in this exclusive blog authored by Aternity’s Vice President of Products, Raviv Chalamish. This new release is expected to be generally available in the coming months. Chalamish explains that valuable input from the company’s global roster of enterprises drove important updates and new features – eight of which he highlights in this special blog feature. 

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    7. COPE Offers IT and Workers an Alternative to BYOD

      COPE Offers IT and Workers an Alternative to BYOD

      Some CIOs are opting for a Company Owned, Personally Enabled approach to managing mobile devices in the enterprise. COPE creates a tricky scenario, however, because IT is asking employees to trust them to do the right thing with a device that the company owns. CIO.com spoke with Harjot Sidhu of Vox Mobile about rise of the COPE alternative.

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    8. Mobile APM Webinar, Wed. Dec. 10th | How to Achieve Ultimate Mobile Enterprise Payoff in 2015 | Register & Receive Key mAPM Resources

      Enterprises are focusing on Mobile Apps to build custom, mission-critical enterprise apps. But building theses apps is only the start. Knowing how your mobile apps performs is a "must” to achieve the ultimate mobile enterprise payoff. Whether you’re an App Developer transitioning from consumer apps to enterprise apps or an enterprise Developer moving into mobile, don’t miss this 30-minute webinar, led by Bryan Barringer, a leading independent mobility consultant who formerly led FedEx Services' Office of Mobility & Collaboration. Sign up, get access to critical mAPM resources: http://www.aternity.com/live-mAPM-webinar5

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    9. 18 Tools to Ensure Performance During Cyber Monday and the Holiday Shopping Season - Part 1

      APMdigest asked experts from across the Application Performance Management (APM) industry for their opinions on how to best prepare for the challenges of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Holiday Shopping Season. Featured is the opinion of Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity, especially as it relates to End User Experience Management and omni-channel retailers. http://www.apmdigest.com/apm-holiday-shopping-season-1

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    10. Mobile's Potential to Increase Productivity

      Businesses continue to view mobile devices, mobile apps and their content as new, exciting tools that can increase worker productivity. That is leading to new solutions that are enabling enterprise IT to engage knowledge workers in the field, according to a new report by bigtincan, "Content Intelligence Report 2014." 

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    11. From the Frontline: Troubleshooting Virtualized Applications: It’s Like Searching for a Needle in a Haystack, Inside a Silo

      From the Frontline: Troubleshooting Virtualized Applications: It’s Like Searching for a Needle in a Haystack, Inside a Silo

      When enterprises migrate applications to virtual infrastructure, users are quick to blame any performance problems on the virtualization technologies. Here’s a real world case study of how a financial services company identified and resolved the true cause of poor performance in their virtual environment. Authored by Aternity blogger, Bob Ruggiero, Solution Architect, who helps customers rapidly realize the value of Workforce APM.

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    12. BYOD - Where's The Party?

      BYOD - Where's The Party?

      Bring your own device (BYOD) is anything but fun. Every employer needs to address employees' personal communication devices. More and more employers have decided it's better to let employees use their own devices to manage their business and personal lives. Employers and employees risk privacy breeches along with countless other headaches. Policies to protect both parties are difficult to write and manage. 

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    13. From the Frontline: Consumer Goods Company Finds User Experience Problem – In the Mirror

      From the Frontline: Consumer Goods Company Finds User Experience Problem – In the Mirror

      Sometimes, a user experience problem is not caused by the application, the server, the network, OR the user’s device. Poor user experience can be caused by the actual actions taken by the end user. Read more in a new blog post authored by Mark Robinson, EMEA Sales Engineering Manager at Aternity Inc. 

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