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    1. The Evolution of the Digital Workplace

      Today’s office space is unrecognizable from previous generations. Instead of flat screens, laptops and funky “collaboration spaces,” workplaces from the days of yore were equipped with typewriters, Dictaphones, and rotary telephones. But today, there is a staggering amount of digital tools aimed at increasing workforce productivity in an increasingly competitive market. In response, IT departments and employees are finding themselves with a sometimes overwhelming variety of brands, standards, and user interfaces to learn and navigate. In fact, the average employee uses three or more devices daily for work activities.

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    2. Who Owns Digital Transformation? According To A New Survey, It's Not The CIO

      Digital transformation is one of those terms that seems to mean, well, everything. That’s because different groups within organizations are investing in innovative technologies to modernize business operations. Whether it’s IT, marketing, CX, HR, service and support, etc., each group, in their own right, is investing in advancement. It’s not a bad thing. At least parts of how companies work are actually evolving. The reality is though that pretty much every company is investing in digital transformation. 

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    3. Te 411 on Going BYOD

      The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has been gaining momentum since 2009. A Tech Pro Research survey published in September 2016 revealed that 81% of businesses have or are planning to adopt BYOD policies in the near future, up from 44% in 2013. Is your business BYOD yet? Here are some things you should consider before making the switch.

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    4. Know how to handle IT incident management to avoid chaos

      Know how to handle IT incident management to avoid chaos by Clive Longbottom Quocirca When an important application goes down, you'd better have the right IT incident management processes and procedures in place to fix it. This Article Covers Share this item with your network: Related Content Help! An IT system has gone down and it's affecting the business. What happened, and what needs to be done to get everything back on steady footing?

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    5. Breaches, IT skills & innovation keeping CIOs up at night

      To say that CIOs have full plates – from guarding against breaches to cloud migration to embracing innovation – is an understatement. But given the growing recognition of IT’s importance to organizations of all kinds, it’s also a tremendous time to be a CIO despite the complications and demands of the job.

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    6. How a National Airline Empowered Digital Revolution With Comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management

      Technology has always been used to advance business. Today, however, more companies are implementing enterprise mobility strategies. They aren’t just integrating mobile into their current systems — they’re using mobility to overhaul how they do business, streamline workflows, increase employee productivity and reduce cost.

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    7. Enterprise security in the connected devices age

      Nick Ismail How will IoT security differ from mobile security, and to what extent will IoT be more damaging to security policies than BYOD? The security risks of IoT are related to the risks mobility and BYOD bring: letting employees, partners or customers connect to a network with non-secure devices can grant an outsider access to the business, and result in the company being the target of an attack, or being the vector of an attack for another target.

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    8. The (Sad) Case for BYOD Management

      Just a few short years ago, we were still discussing whether or not organizations should allow employees to rely on mobile devices for work and whether that would come via personally owned devices or a fleet of pre-approved devices owned and managed by the organization. Fast forward to 2016, and that conversation is nearly null and void--people use their own devices for work whether the organization ultimately "prefers" it or not.

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