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    1. Healthcare Mobility: Better Mobile and Patient Outcomes with Mobile Application Management and Mobile Application Performance Management

      Healthcare is driving mobile app adoption, not only for consumers but for medical practitioners as well. But successful patient outcomes depend on success mobile outcomes. And that means Mobile App Management for secure deployment and management, and Mobile APM for ensuring excellent mobile end user experience. Read how Aternity and Apperian address these challenges.

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    2. Survival of the Fittest – Natural Selection Won’t Help IT Keep Up with Business

      Darwin’s concept of natural selection may explain how species thrive through gradual changes in the natural environment, but when it comes to helping IT survive the breakneck pace of technological change, “survival of the fittest” means making data-driven decisions. Gain insight into how a financial services firm leveraged Aternity’s End User Experience Management software to complete a successful Desktop Refresh by determining the most appropriate machine specification.

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    3. AVAILABLE NOW! | 2015 Mobile Playbook: 2nd Annual Edition (Intro by Citrix)

      With 5 times more resources than the 2014 edition and an introduction by Citrix, don’t wait to download the newly-released 2015 Mobile Playbook. Learn more about the latest industry research and findings around the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile security, and mobile app development. Get your exclusive copy here: http://www.aternity.com/2015_mobile_playbook10

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    4. Omni-channel Banking | Three End User Experience Management Case Studies | Branch, Contact Center & Mobile

      Three real-world examples show how Aternity Workforce APM enables IT to support the omni-channel banking goal of providing a seamless customer banking experience. Learn how Aternity Workforce APM helps leading retail branch IT staff to proactively assure excellent end user experience, which enables the delivery of excellent customer service.

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    5. Aternity® Extends Out-of-the-Box Support for Citrix XenMobile® Worx Apps

      Aternity, the pioneer of a new enterprise-first approach to mobile Application Performance Management (Mobile APM), today announced that its Mobile SDK, Citrix Ready for XenMobile 10, includes out-of-the-box support for diagnostics and user interactions for Citrix WorxMail, WorxWeb, ShareFile, WorxEdit, and WorxNote. In addition, Aternity has been named by CIO Review as a Top 20 Citrix Solution Provider.

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    6. NEW INFOGRAPHIC | End User Experience is at the Heart of Healthcare IT Success

      Aternity has published a new infographic around how digital trends in healthcare are driving the need for an increased visibility into real end user experience to optimize healthcare delivery. See the latest Healthcare IT industry research related to converged digital technologies: virtualization, cloud, and mobile.

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    7. IT Learns Why a Manufacturer’s Sales Team Waits “Forever” for Siebel Transactions

      A large manufacturing company deployed Siebel CRM to dozens of remotely located sales and distribution centers to process daily orders, transactions, charges, and shipments. For months, the sales team complained about their experience using Siebel for these processes. Read how Aternity Workforce APM sheds light on desktops as the source of the problem, while and how IT used Aternity’s unique ability to capture the key-to-glass response time of any activity performed within any application.

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    8. Four Mobile APM Capabilities Help You Get the Most from Citrix XenMobile Productivity Apps

      Four Mobile APM Capabilities Help You Get the Most from Citrix XenMobile Productivity Apps

      As Aternity gears up for our presence in the Enterprise Mobility Management pavilion at Citrix Synergy next week, it’s a good time to review how Aternity Mobile APM adds value to Citrix XenMobile business-class mobile apps and others in the Citrix Worx App Gallery licensed for enterprise distribution. 

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    9. American Airlines iPad App Crash – Four Ways Aternity Mobile APM Would Have Helped

      Dozens of American Airlines flights were delayed this week, as reported in Recode, due to a problem with the iPad-based “Electronic Flight Bag” that American’s pilots use instead of cumbersome paper-based airport runway charts. There were no flight cancellations or injuries, just an impact on customer service and workforce productivity – the kinds of problems that Aternity Mobile APM can help avoid.

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    10. Got Application Performance SLAs? Two Steps to “Yes”

      Application performance SLAs. Every enterprise organization wants them. Few have them. Why is that? From Aternity’s experience with customers, there are two key challenges enterprises face, and two key capabilities that we are able to provide. Here’s how to deliver application performance SLAs, whether or not you control the infrastructure on which your apps run, as told by Lee Guthrie, Aternity’s Director of Worldwide Sales Engineering.

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    11. Key Highlights | The 2015 Mobile Playbook

      View this short presentation featuring highlights of the newly published 2015 Mobile Playbook. Converged Cloud, Mobile Security, Mobile Growth, and Internet of Things (IoT) are just some of the topics covered in the 2nd annual edition of this critical, educational resource that includes 5 times more resources than the 2014 edition with key findings from an expansive list of analyst and mobile reports.

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    12. Do Mobile Workspaces Actually Improve Productivity? Prove It!

      Do Mobile Workspaces Actually Improve Productivity? Prove It!

      With Citrix Synergy around the corner, it’s a good time to take a fresh look at the question. As a long-time Citrix Ready partner, learn more about Aternity’s unique perspective on the issue and how we help our customers incorporate end user experience monitoring into their Citrix environment everyday.

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    13. A Check-Up at Check-Out: Ensuring Excellent Customer Experience at the Point of Sale

      Learn why some of the world’s largest retailers rely on Aternity Workforce APM to ensure an excellent customers experience in the check-out line. This technical blog, authored by Matt Lavallee, Product Management Director, reviews how Aternity provides key business insights at the Point of Sale (POS) to dramatically improve the operations of the retailers.

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    14. Last Chance to Register | Omni-channel Retail Banking (+ 1 hour Evaluation)

      Secure your seat today and register for this 30-minute webinar, 3 IT Strategies For Delivering A Seamless User Experience In Today’s Omni-Channel Retail Banking World, co-presented by business and technology thought leaders from Axxiome and Aternity. Don't wait! Sign up now: http://www.aternity.com/live-retail-webinar_a

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    15. Containerization is a winning strategy for smarter BYOD management

      Mobile devices have become the preferred means of accessing data and applications, wherever and whenever individuals desire. Today, on average, individuals have two to three mobile devices. Employees expect to use their own preferred tools and technologies to do their work; personal mobile devices are chief among them.

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    16. Omni-channel Retail Banking – Bridging Silos in Channels and IT Management

      Omni-channel retail banking is all about bridging the silos of channels used by customers to interact with the bank. Learn more about how to deliver a seamless end user experience and get a sneak peek at the themes to be presented in next week’s omni-channel retail banking webinar on Wed. April. 22nd, which will feature business and IT leaders from ATERNITY and AXXIOME.

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    17. WEBINAR: Three IT Strategies for Delivering a Seamless User Experience in Today’s Omni-Channel Retail Banking World

      Aternity Inc., the industry’s leader in providing End User Experience Management (EUEM) solutions for any application running on physical, virtual and mobile devices, will host a webinar on April 22 at 11 a.m. ET: “Three IT Strategies for Delivering a Seamless User Experience in Today’s Omni-Channel Retail Banking World.”  This free, 30-minute webinar will be led by Axxiome’s CTO – North America, Clay Roach and managing director, Kris Hansen along with Aternity’s chief product evangelist, Mike Marks.

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    18. Omni-channel in Retail Banking | It's What's Driving Further IT Investment

      Omni-channel in Retail Banking | It's What's Driving Further IT Investment

      The cross channel customer journey – smartphone to tablet to desktop to call center to branch – there’s no denying that today’s financial organizations need to catch up and keep up with customers. Learn more about the convergence of mobile, virtualization, and cloud and the impact on retail banking IT spend, along with steps you can take for unifying End User Experience Management for omni-channel retail banking.

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