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    1. Enterprise Mobility | User-first Focus Spawns Successful Mobile Adoption

      It's time to get your enterprise mobility strategy formalized in order to ensure the trajectory of employee productivity. Learn more about key industry stats around why mobile user experience matters. Attend a free 30-minute webinar on Wed. Aug. 5th to hear real-world recommendations on how to best evaluate your mobile vendors to ensure proper alignment with business objectives.

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    2. AMA Town Hall Complaints: EHR Meaningful Use Still Means Poor Productivity

      Doctors at last week’s American Medical Association Town Hall meeting in Atlanta continue to complain about their Electronic Health Records (EHR) experiences. As the AMA reports, current physician participation in Stage 2 Meaningful Use is only at 10%. It appears from the comments that the negative impact on medical staff productivity is a key driver of the poor progress.

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    3. Free Enterprise Mobility Webinar: Four Keys to Successful Mobile App Rollouts and Proving Value

      Aternity Inc., the industry’s leader in providing End User Experience Management (EUEM) solutions for any application running on physical, virtual and mobile devices, will host a webinar on August 5 at 2 p.m. ET titled, “Enterprise Mobile App Rollouts | Four Keys to Success & Proving Value.” This free, 30-minute webinar will be led by Marty Resnick, a mobility strategist, and Mike Marks, Aternity’s Chief Product Evangelist. To register for this webinar, visit: http://www.aternity.com/enterprise-mobility-webinar_f .

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    4. End User Experience Management: Fulfilling the Promise of Mobile Healthcare

      Converged digital technologies like virtualizationcloud and mobile are revolutionizing patient care. With interconnected systems, healthcare practitioners can instantly access Electronic Health Records (EHR) for better diagnoses and close collaboration across departments or geographies. Read this newly published article authored by Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity to learn more.

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    5. Success Story: An Enterprise App Store Transforms the Business of Government

      Craig Pavia, the Deputy Director of Business Process Engineering and Solutions, and his team were charged with architecting a solution to streamline the business process of getting applications to end users and reducing the manual tasks that were consuming valuable IT resources. -

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    6. Aternity Wins Gold! Named Customer Service Team of the Year by Network Products Guide

      Customers come first at Aternity, and we’re always striving to improve the service we deliver. “If our customers aren’t successful, we’re not successful”. Get an inside look at the vision and background behind Aternity’s Client Services Team from VP of Client Services, Ed Tobin.

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    7. LIVE 30-MIN Webinar: Enterprise Mobile App Rollouts | Four Keys to Success & Proving Value

      On August 5th, hear from a Mobile Strategist at a multi-national enterprise about how mobile teams can work toward proving the maximum value of their app deployments by asking the right questions to vendors who are poised to strategically enable enterprise mobility. Register today & receive a copy of the 2015 Mobile Playbook: http://www.aternity.com/enterprise-mobility-webinar_3

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    8. EndUserExperience2Day Celebrates 5 Years | Mobilizing the Enterprise & Amazon.com Gift Cards

      Read the last in the series of five posts celebrating the five year anniversary of EndUserExperience2Day. Today, we focus on mobilizing the enterprise, a topic that continues to be one of the hottest themes, along with a special promotion for existing and new subscribers of the complimentary EUE2Day newsletter!

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    9. EndUserExperience2Day Celebrates 5 Years | A First Look & A Second Take: Aternity Workforce APM Version 8.0

      The celebration continues, this time take a look back at a first look article that drove great interest from EndUserExperience2Day subscribers. In 2014, Aternity revealed exclusively to its customers and EUE2Day subscribers the top eight new features that would be offered in the next major release of Aternity Workforce APM. Read more about the innovation behind Workforce APM and what analysts are saying about the new capabilities.

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    10. ENTER TO WIN! | $25 Amazon.com Gift Card, Refer More Colleagues Get More Chances to Win

      EndUserExperience2Day is proud to celebrate its 5th year anniversary. Join the fun and enter today to win 1 of 10 $25 Amazon.com Gift Cards! Refer your colleagues to sign-up for the EndUserExperience2Day newsletter and once they subscribe, you’ll all be eligible to win! As a special thank you, you’ll receive a copy of the Clabby Analytics Report: The User is King. Enter to win here: http://resources.aternity.com/EUE2Day5yrAnniversary_2

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    11. Aternity Workforce APM 8.0 – New Recorder Speeds Signature Development for Business Activity Analytics

      Aternity’s customers have an affinity toward Workforce APM’s Business Activity Analytics capabilities because it provides them with an understanding of the performance & availability of their business-critical apps in the context of a business process. Read how Aternity Workforce APM version 8.0 speeds up the process of building signatures to further fuel this favorite capability.

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    12. EndUserExperience2Day Celebrates 5 Years | Mobile World Congress & Phablets Pique Interest

      As we enter into the final days of June, the five-year anniversary of EndUserExperience2Day, we have reviewed the analytics of our site, as provided through Curata, to rank the most popular articles. Take a look at why the March 2014 wrap up of Mobile World Congress garnered some of the highest views from the EUE2Day audience. 

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    13. “To BYOD, or Not to BYOD?” That is NOT the Question

      Read this new blog, authored by Aternity’s Chief Product Evangelist Mike Marks, on the continuing debate about whether BYOD, CYOD, or COPE is the best mobile device management policy for enterprises. You’ll learn how this question really misses an even more important issue – how to ensure excellent mobile end user experience of business critical apps.

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    14. EndUserExperience2Day Celebrates 5 Years | One of THE Most Popular Blog Posts

      As the award-winning site for curating all of the latest hot topics in business and IT celebrate its 5-year anniversary this month, we have another post about the most popular articles  published through EndUserExperience2Day. Read more and sign up for EUE2Day daily newsletter here to receive the best articles daily.

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    15. The Role of End User Experience in TeleHealth and Mobile Health | 8 Key Points from CSO HIMSS

      Last month’s Central & Southern Ohio (CSO) Chapter Health Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) spring summit  focused on two core topics: TeleHealth and Mobile Health. Read eight key points that were made during the course of these discussions, and how Aternity Mobile APM addresses the needs of app developers building apps for use by caregivers within healthcare organizations and patients.

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