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    1. Healthcare BYOD adoption: Five security considerations

      Healthcare BYOD adoption: Five security considerations

      As we approach the end of 2014, technology continues to evolve and more healthcare organizations are implementing and fine-tuning their BYOD policies. The benefit with BYOD is that healthcare staff members can conveniently use their own devices in daily operations. However, the drawback is that health IT security faces a greater threat as improper use of those devices could create security risks.

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    2. Rise of mobile devices, cloud computing shake up Silicon Valley stalwarts like HP, eBay

      Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets aren't just changing the way we live and work. They are shaking up Silicon Valley's balance of power and splitting up businesses. Long-established companies such as Hewlett-Packard Co. and eBay Inc. are scrambling to regain their footing to better compete against mobile-savvy trendsetters like Apple and Google, as well as rising technology stars that have built businesses around "cloud computing."

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    3. Where does the buck stop for BYOD/mobility?

      As with all business initiatives, when companies begin an enterprise mobility journey, they must assign responsibility to ensure accountability. Because mobility impacts so many areas of an organization, however, assigning responsibility—especially in smaller companies where mobility may be driven by a single executive’s edict—can be tricky.

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    4. Securing The Mobile Workforce In The Age Of BYOD

      Securing The Mobile Workforce In The Age Of BYOD

      Your house and office need keys. Your bankcard and mobile phone need PINs. Your computer and online accounts need passwords. When it comes to software, innate security features are crucial. Those safety features are designed to protect people, the companies that hire them and data entrusted to them. Yet in a time when convenience is king, safety can often slip by the wayside – especially when it comes to mobile devices.

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    5. What's Powering Huge Mobility

      Across the world, more people now use mobile devices as their primary means of obtaining information and requesting services over the Internet. There are over 10 billion devices accessing information, and Forrester Research anticipates mobile commerce will exceed $31 billion by 2016 (Forrester Research Mobile Commerce Report 2011-2016)

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    6. What does the future of mobility in the enterprise look like?

      What does the future of mobility in the enterprise look like?

      Enterprises are continuing to jump onto the mobility bandwagon - and they are doing it in droves. Good Technology's latest Mobility Index report shows that 70 per cent of enterprises think that providing more mobile support to employees over the next 12 months is a high or critical priority.

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    7. Survey: BYOD security remains spotty, with users unaware or unmotivated about risks

      Many organizations have embraced the concept of BYOD (bring your own device), allowing employees to use their own personal smartphones and tablets at work. A new survey from BitDefender, however, suggests that BYOD policies and controls have a long way to go in order to be more secure.

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    8. You, Your Mobile Life, and the Disruptive Technology Behind it All

      Flash, which launched the world’s ability to forever change how consumers learn, shop, navigate, is also forever changing and transforming how organizations are building their data centers to deliver the personalization and convenience of a Market of One – to you, for you and by you.

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