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    1. Reaching New Heights in EUEM Innovation

      Businesses depend on operational analytics, and IT leadership can now provide immediate insights into how technology changes impact the end user. When it comes to major initiatives supporting business and IT transformation such as virtualization, cloud, mobile, or enterprise app migrations and automation, Aternity Version 9 provides common use cases that center around addressing change management head on, troubleshooting issues more efficiently, and planning ahead with proactive analysis on precisely which investments will create the biggest impact.

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    2. Citrix Consulting Extends Aternity EUEM to Customers

      Citrix Consulting just announced that they have entered into an agreement with Aternity to help with the End User Experience Monitoring of their applications as well as XenDesktop, XenApp, and XenMobile.Monitoring software as a Proof of Concept to their customers. The strategic agreement between Citrix Consulting Services and Aternity also provides customers in select geographic regions (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, the Nordics) 30 days complimentary access to Aternity’s out-of-the-box functionality.

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    3. Better Data Yields Better Analysis

      Aternity looked at the major causes of performance degradation, and with its new Version 9 release, addresses some of the most challenging scenarios for correlating data to speed the ability to analyze and resolve issues. With no effort on the part of the analyst, they uncover better facts and shorten the time needed to draw conclusions. Whether you're retrospectively investigating a problem or proactively addressing potential shortcomings in the desktop or network infrastructure, Aternity has revealed some of the best correlation data available with zero configuration.

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    4. “The Hangover” of 2015: More Than Just a Headache

      How do we know what is hype and what is truly critical to IT’s operational success and business continuity? Perhaps there’s no better time than now to reflect on our own challenges and how they might relate to the truly disruptive technology advancements. So before we move past some of the IT hangovers in 2015, perhaps we should consider what caused some of those headaches in the first place, so that they don’t turn into major “IT heart attacks” in 2016.

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    5. Could the Internet of Things spark a data security epidemic?

      Could the Internet of Things spark a data security epidemic?

      Internet of Things this, Internet of Things that -- it’s all anyone can talk about these days. And rightfully so, when you consider the development and adoption of IoT products are driven by multiple factors, including an increase in broadband penetration worldwide, the development of wireless communication technologies, advances in 'smart' device capabilities and an increased demand for personalized, omnichannel customer experiences.

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    6. How to securely embrace shadow IT in the enterprise

      The rise of digital technology like cloud computing, mobile, social and the Internet of Things has left an indelible mark on the modern workplace. How we engage with one another today is far different than what it was even five or ten years ago, and we now expect to have instant, anywhere access to information and each other wherever we go.

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    7. 2016 Application Performance Management Predictions - Part 1

      Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity underscores the increased focus on End User Experience Management, based on survey analysis from Gartner concluding that EUEM has taken the lead as the most critical dimension of APM. “In 2016, this lead will grow as more enterprises leverage products that can deliver an immediate, unified view of end user experience for mobile apps, cloud-delivered apps (including Shadow IT), and apps that run on virtualized environments.”

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    8. Survey Says | Foreshadowing Mobile’s Impact on Your IT & Business Operations

      In the US, the recent Black Friday exponential sales growth has been attributed to consumers using their smartphones for purchases. The focus on ensuring faster page loads and an optimal consumer experience on mobile apps mirrors the expectations of app response times when interacting with enterprise business apps. Read some of the latest findings and new survey research from IT Ops professionals on key priorities around business continuity and things to keep in mind around mobile app rollouts.

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    9. End User Experience Monitoring Essentials, Part 3: Virtualization Migrations That Deliver

      By migrating to a virtual desktop infrastructure, an IT organization can greatly reduce the amount of desk-side support and performance management of individual pieces of user hardware. Even with considerable upfront assessment and diligence, many VDI projects still fail to produce meaningful improvements to the end user experience – largely because the focus is spent on capacity planning and not performance.

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    10. 8 Signs You Have an IT Monitoring Visibility Gap

      Why is your workforce complaining when your data center management tools are showing green and “all systems go”?  It’s because most monitoring and management technology focuses on monitoring the performance and availability of the application components in the infrastructure, when the problem is you can't measure end user experience from the vantage point of the data center "looking out”.  Here are 8 Signs You Have an IT Monitoring Visibility Gap.

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    11. Taking enterprise security to the next level with two-factor authentication

      Two-factor authentication (2FA) has been about for much longer than you think. For a decade or more we have been used to being issued with a card reader (in essence a hardware token device) to use with our bank card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) when looking to complete our internet banking transactions. 

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    12. Mobile devices blur lines between online and in-store shopping on Black Friday

      A growing number of shoppers are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to finish their holiday shopping while also browsing items in person on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Larger screens on smartphones, more mobile-friendly sites and buy buttons on social networks are making shopping on the go easier than ever this year.

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    13. Google is Eyeing Mobile Affiliate Networks

      This year Google has been making a tremendous amount of moves to improve the mobile user experience. They’ve added features and new ranking signals, and cracked down on certain practices. As an extension of that last element, Google has been talking about going after mobile affiliate networks that hurt the user experience. 

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    14. Aternity Version 9 Launch & Other Things We are Thankful For

      As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we have a lot to be thankful for here at Aternity, especially over the last week. From the product’s Version 9 launch last week to additional industry accolades around our Mobile APM innovation and capabilities – none of these milestones would be possible without our world-class team.

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