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    1. Aternity® Earns Industry Accolades for Workforce APM and Its World-Class Support Team

      Aternity the industry’s leader in providing End User Experience Management solutions for any app running on physical, virtual and mobile devices, has received several new accolades for its user-centric Aternity Workforce APM product and its world-class support department, including recognition by the International Business Awards, the Network Products Guide Awards, and the Best in Biz 2015 International Awards.

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    2. From the Frontline of our Services & Support Teams | Our Customers’ Success Defines Our Success

      Recently recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor, we at Aternity take great pride not only in delivering product excellence and innovation around End User Experience Monitoring, but also in how we value and drive our customers’ success. With recent industry recognition of its Services and Support teams, hear from our VP of Client Services, Ed Tobin, on how Aternity addresses key use cases that are mission-critical for our global customer base. 

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    3. Improve Customer Service Sat Scores with SLA Compliance Tracked at Business Activity Level

      Many monitoring tools enable companies to track the Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance for software, generally focused on availability from an IT standpoint.  Although this high-level metric is critical for IT, true End User Experience Monitoring extends SLA management through the business-side by ensuring that employees are efficient and productive. 

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    4. Newsflash: Your Cloud Vendor’s SLA Won’t Protect Your Business

      Public, private, and hosted clouds play an increasingly important role in enterprise IT strategy, as companies leverage Hybrid IT to speed up application deployment and reduce expenses. But cloud provider’s SLAs don’t cover what counts most to the workforce end user and to their customer they are serving – the end user experience of the cloud-hosted application as it renders on the user’s screen.

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    5. End User Behavior Monitoring Enables an Insurance Company to Neutralize an Insider Threat

      Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) organizations are focused on violations of Acceptable Use Policies. However, insider threats can also result from legitimate work activities that are being done for illegitimate purposes. Learn how a leading insurance company used End User Experience Monitoring from Aternity to identify employees harvesting customer data before leaving the company.

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    6. Aternity Workforce APM 8.0 | Speeding up Business Activity Analytics with the New Activity Designer

      Read the latest blog on how Aternity Workforce APM 8.0 simplifies the process of Business Activity Analytics, the key Aternity capability that enables IT to monitor their workforce end users’ interactions with applications in the context of a business workflow.

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      In this new episode, available on the “Life in the Mobile Enterprise (LiME)” podcast, Aternity's chief product evangelist Mike Marks discusses mobile APM, why it’s important, who needs it, and how it relates to ROI. Marks also shares a case study where app uptime is critical in side-by-side selling.

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    8. Aternity is Now a Two-time Gartner Cool Vendor!

      As featured in the Gartner Cool Vendors in Vendor Management, 2015 report – read more about trends in cloud application adoption for workforce users. Get access to the full Gartner Cool Vendors report through the new guide, Effectively Manage Cloud Vendors with End User Experience Monitoring.

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    9. Enterprise Mobility | User-first Focus Spawns Successful Mobile Adoption

      It's time to get your enterprise mobility strategy formalized in order to ensure the trajectory of employee productivity. Learn more about key industry stats around why mobile user experience matters. Attend a free 30-minute webinar on Wed. Aug. 5th to hear real-world recommendations on how to best evaluate your mobile vendors to ensure proper alignment with business objectives.

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    10. AMA Town Hall Complaints: EHR Meaningful Use Still Means Poor Productivity

      Doctors at last week’s American Medical Association Town Hall meeting in Atlanta continue to complain about their Electronic Health Records (EHR) experiences. As the AMA reports, current physician participation in Stage 2 Meaningful Use is only at 10%. It appears from the comments that the negative impact on medical staff productivity is a key driver of the poor progress.

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    11. Free Enterprise Mobility Webinar: Four Keys to Successful Mobile App Rollouts and Proving Value

      Aternity Inc., the industry’s leader in providing End User Experience Management (EUEM) solutions for any application running on physical, virtual and mobile devices, will host a webinar on August 5 at 2 p.m. ET titled, “Enterprise Mobile App Rollouts | Four Keys to Success & Proving Value.” This free, 30-minute webinar will be led by Marty Resnick, a mobility strategist, and Mike Marks, Aternity’s Chief Product Evangelist. To register for this webinar, visit: http://www.aternity.com/enterprise-mobility-webinar_f .

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    12. End User Experience Management: Fulfilling the Promise of Mobile Healthcare

      Converged digital technologies like virtualizationcloud and mobile are revolutionizing patient care. With interconnected systems, healthcare practitioners can instantly access Electronic Health Records (EHR) for better diagnoses and close collaboration across departments or geographies. Read this newly published article authored by Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity to learn more.

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