1. No End User Left Behind: Enriched End User Experience Management

    30-Minute Webinar: Wednesday, January 23rd - 8 AM ET (1 PM GMT) 11 AM ET (8 AM PT) 2 PM ET (11 AM PT)

    Bonus Whitepaper: 10 Myths of End User Experience Management Debunked

    Register today (space is limited): http://www.aternity.com/news-events-30-min-webinar-registration.htm

    Industry-leading analysts have established that in 74% of the reported help desk cases, IT first learns about performance and availability problems when the users call the Help Desk. That’s because existing application performance management products are data center focused, and provide very little visibility into “real” end user experience. User-centric, proactive IT Management leverages Frontline Performance Intelligence to address this critical problem at its core. By doing so, it empowers enterprises to attain the required service levels demanded by users, while containing the costs associated with a “real-time” enterprise.

     If you are ready to gain the proactive ability to rapidly respond to end user problems before they call the help desk, you won’t want to miss an exclusive 30-minute webinar that will show you the latest innovation in end user experience monitoring.

     During this 30-minute webinar attendees will learn: 

    • Why complementing your existing APM strategy with EUE monitoring will provide your IT organization with the unique ability to optimize application performance, device performance, and user productivity
    • How to actually ensure your IT organization can monitor real end user experience in physical, virtual, and mobile IT environments
    • How EUE can be leveraged to uniquely address challenges in VDI, Cloud, Mobile, and physical desktop environments for any application (commercial or home-grown), on any device, anywhere, at anytime

    This informative webinar is brought to you by Aternity (www.aternity.com) – the company that redefines real end user experience management and is recognized for driving a major market evolution trajectory toward enriched end user experience management. 

    As a special bonus, all webinar registrants will receive a copy of the Aternity whitepaper 10 Myths of End User Experience Management Debunked

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