1. Strategies for Ensuring Desktop Virtualization SLAs

    Strategies for Ensuring Desktop Virtualization SLAs

    Desktop Virtualization is the top cloud-based technology impacting End User Computing. And, user-centric, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management is the primary factor against which cloud-based virtual desktop solutions and providers are and will be evaluated.

    In VDI environments, traditional system metrics, such as CPU, memory, and network utilization, are marginal indicators of actual performance. As a result, Desktop Virtualization demands a user-centric vs. device-centric approach to service management. End User Experience (EUE) management becomes an essential barometer to ensure that end-user facing systems are responsive and high-performing.

    If you are currently evaluating, planning, or managing application performance in a Virtualized Desktop Environment, don't let your VDI project get derailed by poor end user experience Aternity’s 25-minute on-demand webinar“Strategies for Ensuring Desktop Virtualization SLAs” reviews vital topics for ensuring Desktop Virtualization SLAs through a user-centric approach to service management. 
    Topics covered: 

    • How to gain comprehensive visibility into exactly how virtualized desktop and remote workstation users are experiencing critical application performance
    • Methods for correlating PC-over-IP® (PCoIP®) latency with the actual business transaction response times and the VM image’s health
    • How to gain an in-depth understanding of application performance within the VMware View™ environment, exactly as experienced by the users themselves

    Bonus Whitepaper: All registrants of the on-demand webcast will receive the complementary companion whitepaper: “Monitoring End User Experience in a VDI Environment.”

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