1. Designing “End User Performance Management Inside” Your Virtual Desktop Strategy

    In Brian Madden’s new book “The VDI Delusion” he claims that about 2% of the corporate enterprise desktops use VDI.  Why has the adoption of virtual desktops not realized the same huge widespread acceptance as server virtualization?  Virtualization is a key disruptive technology for IT requiring radical changes in thinking and operating procedures to better plan, manage, provision and orchestrate resources throughout the enterprise. In an environment where traditional system metrics, such as CPU, memory and network utilization, are marginal indicators of performance, user experience becomes the only quantifiable measurement
    to manage against.

    In 2011, Intel commissioned the Peer Research Group to survey enterprises on ROI considerations for desktop virtualization. The findings pointed to increased user productivity as the number 1 consideration when calculating the ROI of desktop virtualization projects. How can IT Desktop Support teams monitor and measure user productivity on a VDI platform?  Traditional application performance management tools do not provide visibility in real end user performance or end user productivity and VDI assessment tools primarily focus on planning and testing virtual deployments.

    What are the advantages of building end user monitoring and management metrics into your enterprise Virtual Desktop architecture as step #1:

    • Ensures predictable quality of service for the end users
    • Manage performance by defined roles, application and workflows
    • Provide empirical evidence to prove the value of virtual desktops (or not) to the business user.
    • Enables user centric proactive IT management which in turn provides a solid foundation for adoption and scalability

    How are you monitoring and managing real end user performance in your virtual desktop environments today? For insight into the key metrics that can help you build performance and QoS management into your Virtual Desktop strategy – take a look at “Monitoring End User Experience in a VDI Environment” here.

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