1. Vote for the End User Experience Management Software that Replaces Perception with Fact

    Vote for the End User Experience Management Software that Replaces Perception with Fact

    Until the release of Aternity Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) V5.0, one of the biggest challenges faced by IT teams was the persistent “visibility gap” surrounding real end user experience.  The ability to collect, analyze and report on the three key elements that together define and impact end user experience – application performance, device performance, and user productivity – didn’t exist in a single, consistently architected, massively scalable platform. IT teams only had access to anecdotal and often inaccurate information to try and understand  very complex performance problems. 

    Now, with Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI), perception is replaced with fact. The end result? Enterprises are able to optimize user productivity, business processes, application adoption, and the allocation of IT resources based on empirical insights and not speculation.

    By proactively detecting potential issues and determining their cause before users call the help desk, Aternity’s FPI Platform increases user productivity and eliminates business disruptions. Aternity also helps IT managers optimize application and end user performance, ensuring optimal performance for business applications running on physical, virtual and mobile devices.

    Make Aternity’s FPI Platform YOUR Choice!

    In recognition of the innovation behind Aternity, its FPI Platform has been named a Finalist in the New Product or Service of the Year category for the 2012 American Business Awards. Please take a second to cast a vote now for Aternity’s FPI Platform in the People's Choice Stevie Award for Favorite New Product! Go to: http://bit.ly/apEd3t, enter the code: A759J and complete the short form.

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