1. Microsoft Win8 server, Citrix-Dell to debut next-gen VDI solutions

    Windows 8 Server will offer three Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) options: Pooled Desktops, Personal Desktops, and Remote Desktop Sessions (formerly Terminal Services). Meanwhile, Citrix-Dell...

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    1. Your IT professionals can customize a mix of deployment scenarios to meet your organization's needs and manage all of them from one unified console.
    2. Built on Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Services, VDI offers simplified installation and configuration, one centralized management console and RemoteFX for WAN improvements.
    3. It's an easy, affordable, all-in-one desktop virtualization solution that enables IT to deliver centrally-managed virtual desktops for less than the cost of PCs and is especially ideal for small and midsize businesses.
    4. Major trends in client computing have shifted the market away from a focus on personal computers to a broader device perspective that includes smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices.
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