1. New EMR meaningful use rules praised

    New EMR meaningful use rules praised
    New EMR meaningful use rules praisedMedCity NewsTo tap into the $27 billion being made available over the next decade to promote EMR adoption, healthcare providers must demonstrate meaningful use of an ...
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    1. I commend the group under Dr. David Blumenthal. They did a great job. They really executed well against a really short timeframe and used a lot of common sense.
    2. The usability standards for these products need to be looked at, because most of the EMRs that are out there are unusable in the production environment. They have to be struggled with in order to be productive and often don't fulfill the requirements of going through a real-time encounter.
    3. There are these registries for immunizations. Those registries are state-region-by-state-region controlled. A lot of states don't even have registries and some states, like California, have four registries. The interface used to report data to these registries is not standardized, so even though there's a spec that says you have to submit to a state registry, that may be impossible or near-impossible based on that infrastructure. There are a lot of connectivity and interoperability assumptions built into the guidelines that are going to be really hard to implement until the infrastructure gets to a state where it's more streamlined.
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