1. A Template For EHR Meaningful Use?

    A Template For EHR Meaningful Use?
    Healthcare Technology Online (press release)A Template For EHR Meaningful Use?Healthcare Technology Online (press release)In this HTO exclusive, editor Ken Congdon takes a closer look at this templatized approach to determine its viability in accelerating EHR adoption and ...
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    1. The Soarian AIM approach is the culmination of best practices and methods that Siemens has learned from its live deployments to date.
    2. While a certain level of tailoring is still involved in Soarian AIM, we've taken a technology deployment that used to involve several A-Z-type decisions and simplified these options down to A, B, or C-type decisions.
    3. Our INVISION system was built to the hilt and the idea of us moving from INVISION to another platform was imposing.
    4. We knew the AIM process was effective when we did our next-to-last conversion of data and produced 5 million results with only three errors.
    5. Soarian has helped move us from a paper-based environment to a workstation-based environment.
    6. Our clinical informatics manager compares Soarian to using GPS instead of a map because of the level of automated guidance it provides.
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