1. Federal Government Employs 'Carrot-Stick' Approach to EHR Adoption

    Federal Government Employs 'Carrot-Stick' Approach to EHR Adoption
    As the HITRC gathers information on effective practices and helps the RECs work with one another and with relevant stakeholders to identify and share best practices in EHR adoption ... apply for the Medicare EHR meaningful use incentive program.
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    1. The medical record part was good, but the billing software was terrible.
    2. I am 60 years old, and that affects my decisions going forward, which are different than those of younger docs.
    3. Stage one is really about creating a foundation and getting physicians online and just kind of getting the basics in place to start capturing information.
    4. But if you start in 2013, you will get less money the first year and less money during the next two years because the program only runs until the end of 2015.
    5. Physicians can get the full $44,000 in incentive payments under Medicare by starting in 2012.
    6. From a personal perspective, I never like penalties.
    7. Without a push, a lot of physicians would not adopt the technology.
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