1. See What Matters: Mobile End User Experience

    See What Matters in Mobile: view this 2-minute video on Aternity for Mobile, a groundbreaking End User Experience management solution for mobile applications.

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    1. Mobile App Management and Monitoring with XenMobile and Aternity

      Enabling EMM and delivering any application to any device is one thing but ensuring those apps deliver an excellent end user experience is quite another. Enabling EMM and delivering any application to any device is one thing but ensuring those apps deliver an excellent end user experience is quite another. Join Christopher Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager for XenMobile, and Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist for Aternity, on August 5 as they discuss mobile application management more deeply and explore the benefits of application management and end user experience management solutions.

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    2. Enterprise Mobile Adoption - Where Are You on the Path to Productivity?

      Mobility is certainly a hot topic for enterprises.  In fact, mobile occupies the top two spots on Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014. The open question is “for what purpose?” Read the most popular answer given by enterprise IT managers — and what this means for measuring the success of your own enterprise mobility initiatives.

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    1. Don't build IT budgets on predictions and hype

      If you go by big analyst firm predictions and vendor hype, you'd think every IT shop has virtualized desktops, implemented BYOD and uses MDM software. But that's far from reality.  IT decision makers need to remember enterprises are made up of many types of employees, and not all need the same technologies. 



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    1. How organizations deal with BYOD and mobile security

      A new study found that nearly half of respondents agreed that users bringing downloaded apps or content with embedded security exploits into their organization, as well as malware infections, are top BYOD security concerns. In addition, 60 percent of respondents said that malware protection is a requirement for mobile security.

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    1. What cloud computing customers want

      A new study from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) finds market confusion abounds. The survey of 415 executives finds a great deal of interest in the cloud, but at the same time, confusion about options and services. For many organizations, clouds represent an entirely new platform, the EMA report states. Many executives admit they lack the expertise to oversee and understand pricing models and operational metrics, and relayed a feeling of “just making it up as we go along.”

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    Aternity Web SiteAternity monitors any application on any physical, virtual, or mobile device, providing a user-centric vantage point that closes the visibility gap existing with network- and server-centric application performance management tools. By effectively transforming every device — physical, virtual, and mobile — into a self-monitoring platform that is user experience aware, enterprises are empowered with user-centric, proactive IT management capabilities that dramatically reduce business disruptions and increase workforce productivity. Learn more about Aternity at www.aternity.com and qualify for an end user experience Proof of Concept today.

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    1. Enterprise-Class App Diagnostics: Five Steps to Five Stars

      Are you building mobile apps with Citrix Worx App Gallery? Don’t rely on mobile APM products with limited functionality to ensure a quality user experience. If it’s important that you instrument these apps for both diagnostics and user interactions, so your enterprise customers can measure your app’s impact on workforce productivity, read this latest blog and register for this week’s webinar to learn how! http://www.aternity.com/citrix-aternity-webinar-july-2014/

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    1. To create a successful cloud integration strategy, forget the cloud and embrace the benefits of workflow analysis.
      By Tom Nolle
    2. Sprint offers a variety of mobile tools to accommodate multigenerational work styles within the workplace, helping people to boost productivity and collaborate from virtually anywhere.
      By Mike Fitz
    3. Google Apps helps businesses work better together with familiar tools they can trust.
      By Murali Sitaram
    4. Employees are more mobile and decentralized so the need for robust office productivity, collaboration and secure file storage for businesses large and small are simply a reflection of the degree to which the very nature of the workplace is changing.
      By Mike Sapien
    5. Last year, I was skeptical, but now I'm seeing more adoption and acceptance of the cloud among our clients.
      By Süleyman Mert
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