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    See What Matters in Mobile: view this 2-minute video on Aternity for Mobile, a groundbreaking End User Experience management solution for mobile applications.

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    1. Aternity® mAPM for App Developers Wins People’s Choice Stevie® Award in 2014 American Business Awards

      Aternity announced that its no-cost, tag-free Mobile APM SaaS offering was voted Favorite New Product for Mobile Operations Management by the American Business Award. Read more and see for yourself what the buzz is all about by signing up for your account today – no credit card required.

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    2. Cloud Apps Continue To Gain Momentum In The Enterprise, But Fundamental Obstacles To Adoption Remain

      Cloud apps and services continue to gain traction in North American enterprises with both business users and IT departments, but big obstacles still remain for U.S. businesses according to new research.These challenges include a lack of confidence about service performance and availability, changing roles for IT professionals in organizations that adopt cloud apps and services, and continuing ...

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    3. 71% cos have mobility policy in place: Report

      Seventy-one percent of organizations have a mobility policy in place, but data security and control of devices are the key concerns when it comes to implementing mobility solutions, according to a report.

      Seventy-one percent of organizations have a mobility policy in place, but data security and control of devices are the key concerns when it comes to implementing mobility solutions, according to a report. - See more at: http://www.voicendata.com/voice-data/news/219188/71-cos-mobility-policy-report#sthash.peAGlCvN.dpuf
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    1. IT Security Spending to Rise, With Focus on Mobile

      A recent Gartner IT Key Metrics Survey indicate that the increasing adoption of mobile, cloud, social and information--often interacting together--will drive use of new security technology and services through 2016, with total information security spending expected to grow a further 8.2 percent in 2015 to reach $76.9 billion.


      Respondents in a recent Gartner IT Key Metrics Survey indicate that, overall, organizations will spend an average of $381 per employee on IT security.

      - See more at: http://www.eweek.com/small-business/it-security-spending-to-rise-with-focus-on-mobile.html#sthash.4aRb5ZjX.dpuf
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    1. IT On the Verge of a Mobile Meltdown: Why BYOD and Mobile Application Management are Driving Businesses Crazy

      The popular revolt is breaking up IT's monopoly on control from the bottom up. Employees want to be unshackled. They want the devices they want. The operating systems they want. The apps they want. And IT must now bend to the will of employees, rather than the other way around.

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    1. Mobile App Transaction Management – Five Requirements for Enterprise Workforce Apps

      Augmenting mobile app diagnostics with the associated transaction revenue is a useful mobile APM capability for consumer-facing mobile apps. If your enterprise depends on workforce mobile apps to improve productivity, look for these five business activity analytics capabilities to help you drive your business.

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    1. There is tremendous hype about cloud computing -- and rightly so.
      By Patrick Carey
    2. We are also seeing traction in the education, life sciences and healthcare segments for data security where the information is similar, irrespective of location and data.
      By Atul Ahuja
    3. There were a couple of very interesting things that came out of the survey.
      By Lawrence Garvin
    4. On the flip side though, what we also found was that a significant majority of the employees, 8 in every 10, said they had contacted their IT department in the past year due to some sort of application performance or availability issue.
      By Lawrence Garvin
    5. The findings show that quality of the end user application experience is critical for success. End users expect applications to work and work well. When application performance or availability issues do arise, end users expect a quick response time to problem resolution from IT, down to just minutes in some cases.
      By Suaad Sait
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