1. See What Matters: Real End User Experience

    See What Matters in Workforce APM: view this 3-minute video on Aternity Workforce APM and how Aternity defines Real End User Experience Monitoring.

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    1. New Partnership Announced! Aternity and MobileIron Team Up

      Aternity delivers Workforce APM compatibility with MobileIron Apps@Work. Deployed together, Aternity’s Workforce APM Platform with MobileIron enables improved workforce productivity for Mobile First enterprises.“Aternity’s Workforce APM Platform is a natural fit because it helps our customers extend their mobility initiatives by providing app analytics to improve mobile app performance and employee productivity,” said Sean Convery, Vice President of Product Management, MobileIron. Learn more about this powerful partnership by reading today’s press release here: http://www.aternity.com/company/news-events/news-item/aternity-delivers-workforce-apm-compatibility-mobileiron-appswork/

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    1. How Enterprise Mobile Apps Can Improve The Bottom Line

      There is a distinct lack of enterprise-grade mobile apps in organisations today, despite the fact that consumer app stores continue to grow at exponential rates, and enterprise employees use multiple devices a day. Enterprises should strive to shift this trend, because of the benefits they can see from implementing strategic mobile policies. 

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    1. Searching For Truths In Big, Enormous, Massive Data

      We have so much data, mountains and mountains of data. In fact, there’s so much, the name ‘Big Data’ doesn’t even do it justice. Maybe we should call it humongous data or at least enormous data. Yet for all this data, it seems we are lost in those piles of data, no closer to the answers that are supposed to solve our most fundamental business and social problems.

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    2. The 5 Hottest BYOD Trends to Watch for in 2015

      Enterprise Mobility continued to make the headlines in 2014, with more innovative mobile devices and security threats and vulnerabilities than ever before. The fallout from many of these events offer valuable lessons learned, and how BYOD organizations adapt their priorities accordingly will have a huge impact on the industry going forward. Here are five of the most significant developments you can expect to see play out in 2015.

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    3. Mobile Collaboration: Barriers and Opportunities

      Mobile Collaboration: Barriers and Opportunities

      A new study, "The State of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration 2014: From Personal Productivity Toward The Connected Enterprise on the Go," finds barriers and opportunities that are driving mobile collaboration. It also highlights a chasm between IT and business departments. The two camps are not equally mindful of mobile policy, and while IT professionals know that personal mobile productivity tools are available, business professionals are less aware.

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    1. Automation of Business Processes Drives Benefits

      The majority of IT professionals said the automation of business processes is essential in today's corporate environment, although demand for speed is stressing IT's abilities and resources. A new study by PMG, which offers an enterprise service catalog and business process automation software, finds that while automation can enhance customer experience and productivity, disparate systems and shadow IT can get in the way. 

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    Aternity Web SiteAternity monitors any application on any physical, virtual, or mobile device, providing a user-centric vantage point that closes the visibility gap existing with network- and server-centric application performance management tools. By effectively transforming every device — physical, virtual, and mobile — into a self-monitoring platform that is user experience aware, enterprises are empowered with user-centric, proactive IT management capabilities that dramatically reduce business disruptions and increase workforce productivity. Learn more about Aternity at www.aternity.com and qualify for an end user experience Proof of Concept today.

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  3. End User Experience Today

    1. From the Frontline: Regional Healthcare Provider Recovers 400 Hours of Lost Productivity a Month

      From the Frontline: Regional Healthcare Provider Recovers 400 Hours of Lost Productivity a Month

      Poor connectivity and slow response for a Citrix-based sports rehab app was costing a not-for-profit healthcare provider 400 hours of lost productivity a month. Aternity helped them trace the problem to an application memory leak, resolve the problem, and devote those hours to better patient care. Read this latest blog authored by Troy Partain, Sr. Sales Engineering Leader at Aternity. 

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    1. Those kinds of testing through the analytics can help the development team and the end-user experience team revamp that application proactively before it actually gets rolled out in production.
      By Linda Lyding
    2. Our goal is to help our customers make AWS look like a natural extension of their data centers
      By Morgan Gerhart
    3. IT leaders can spend half a million dollars to buy and support 1,000 enterprise-owned tablets, while they can support 2,745 user-owned tablets with that same budget.
      By Federica Troni
    4. While BYO initiatives for mobile devices can lead to cost savings, it is not always the case.
      By Federica Troni
    5. A balanced mix of enterprise-owned and user-owned devices with different levels of stipends will be the most effective way of capitalizing the benefits of BYOD programs, both in terms of cost reduction and in terms of level of access to mobile technology.
      By Federica Troni
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