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    Aternity Version 9 general availability via SaaS deployment is January 2016. Get a preview in this short commercial.

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    1. Aternity Version 9 Launch & Other Things We are Thankful For

      As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we have a lot to be thankful for here at Aternity, especially over the last week. From the product’s Version 9 launch last week to additional industry accolades around our Mobile APM innovation and capabilities – none of these milestones would be possible without our world-class team.

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    1. Aternity Announces Version 9

      Learn how Version 9 makes the view even better! Driving the many Version 9 enhancements are three core product innovation areas: Instant Visibility into Performance, Health, and User Productivity, Task-driven Interface, and Integrated Mobile APM. See the commercial, download the datasheet, and register for Thursday’s First Look webinar.

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    2. Aternity Announces Omni-Channel Mobile End User Experience Management

      Aternity 9 features comprehensive, unified mobile APM for a broad set of mobile enterprise apps, all without any programming required. Includes apps developed in-house or by third-parties, apps used by consumers and the workforce, native and hybrid Android and iOS apps, as well as apps running on Windows tablets.

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    3. 'Customer Experience’ tops the list of ways APM Positively Impacts the Business

      APMdigest asked Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity and other experts from across Application Performance Management (APM) and related markets what they see as the most important way application performance impacts the business in part 1 of their blog series: “16 Ways Application Performance Impacts the Business”.

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    4. Whitepaper | Don’t let Black Friday Kill Your Customers’ Experience

      Interested in learning how other retailers are leveraging End User Experience Management to create a seamless omni-channel experience? Download Optimizing Omni-channel Retail through End User Experience Management and learn how the end user is at the center of the performance monitoring strategy. Download today: http://www.aternity.com/omni_retail_wp9.

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    Aternity Web SiteAternity monitors any application on any physical, virtual, or mobile device, providing a user-centric vantage point that closes the visibility gap existing with network- and server-centric application performance management tools. By effectively transforming every device — physical, virtual, and mobile — into a self-monitoring platform that is user experience aware, enterprises are empowered with user-centric, proactive IT management capabilities that dramatically reduce business disruptions and increase workforce productivity. Learn more about Aternity at www.aternity.com and qualify for an end user experience Proof of Concept today.

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    1. Conference Re-cap: What Was Being Talked About at CIOsynergy Last Week

      With an in-depth presentation by John McAfee on IT Security and other discussions around Enterprise Mobility, BYOD, and Big Data, here are the highlights from last week’s event held in Los Angeles. Also includes where End User Experience Management not only fits into the discussion, but is really at the center!

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    1. If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.
      By Julie Purves
    2. That's the reason why Amazon is going to have your jobs in 10 years. We are failing as an industry.
      By Marcus Ranum
    3. The financial reasons are great, but security is hurting.
      By Bruce Schneier
    4. In a brownfields site, I had an opportunity to do a complete core infrastructure upgrade, all the way down to site-wide fibre infrastructure upgrades and core and wireless network and also telephony, from a digital system to a SIP core.
      By Barbara MacKenzie
    5. On the building maintenance and control system side, our engineering department started building intelligent building systems 20 years ago based on Siemens products, and as time has gone on they've stuck with that platform — and today all of that sits on my network.
      By Barbara MacKenzie
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